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Delicious Vinyl
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Record LabelDelicious Vinyl
Founded ByMatt Dike and Michael Ross
Founded In1987
LocationLos Angeles, California
Key ArtistsThe Pharcyde, Masta Ace, Tone Loc, Young MC, Brand New Heavies, FatLip, Def Jef, Yancey Boys and The Zzyzzx
GenresWest Coast Hip Hop, Boom Bap
Notable ContributionsReleased monster hits from artists like Tone Loc and Young MC, recognized for creating some of the most iconic logos in music history, influenced LA's food scene with music-inspired restaurant “Delicious Pizza”
LegacyMatt Dike's contribution extended beyond his co-foundation role at Delicious Vinyl as he was also involved with Beastie Boys’ iconic album Paul’s Boutique. Delicious Vinyl continues its operation to this day upholding its essence of being truly independent while championing new artists along with preserving its rich history through re-releases.

Creation and Founding of Delicious Vinyl

Delicious Vinyl, a truly independent music label, came to life in 1987 when Matt Dike and Michael Ross decided to take a leap of faith.

This iconic label is a testament to their passion for music and their dedication to supporting artists. They started out in a small apartment, but their dreams were anything but small.

Headquarters and Location

This legendary record company has its roots set deep in the heart of Los Angeles, California. The vibrant cityscape of LA has been instrumental in shaping the artistic direction of Delicious Vinyl.

Notable Artists Associated with Delicious Vinyl

Delicious Vinyl's roster boasts an impressive lineup of influential artists such as The Pharcyde, Masta Ace, Tone Loc, Young MC, Brand New Heavies, FatLip, Def Jef, Yancey Boys and The Zzyzzx among others.

These artists have not only made their mark within hip hop, but across the entire music industry.

Early Years and Initial Successes

In its early years onward from 1987, Delicious Vinyl quickly gained recognition as one of the hottest global rap labels.

The albums released by this record company featured monster hits from artists like Tone Loc and Young MC. These successes put Delicious Vinyl on the map as a powerhouse in the world of rap music.

Iconic Logos in Music History by Delicious Vinyl

Beyond its influence through music, Delicious Vinyl is renowned for creating some of the most iconic logos in music history. This goes to show that this iconic label‘s impact transcends beyond just music.

Music Genres Celebrated by Delicious Vinyl

Delicious Vinyl celebrates various genres with a particular focus on West Coast Hip Hop and Boom Bap. Their releases have played an instrumental role in shaping these genres over the years.

Origin Story: From an Apartment to a Recording Studio

The founders' journey began when they transformed a tiny apartment into what would soon become the birthplace of countless hits – their own recording studio.

This humble start led them down the path towards becoming one of the longest-running truly indie record labels.

Delicious Vinyl's Impact on Los Angeles Food Scene

Aside from making waves in the music industry, Delicious Vinyl has also left its mark on LA's food scene.

Brothers Mike and Rick Ross opened up a music-inspired restaurant named “Delicious Pizza” in 2015 – expanding on their musical tradition while serving up delectable eats.

Contributions of Co-founder Matt Dike to Hip-hop Culture

Matt Dike’s contributions went far beyond his pivotal role at Delicious Vinyl; his work with Beastie Boys’ album Paul’s Boutique left an indelible legacy within hip-hop culture overall.

Legacy Left by Delicious Pizza, Inspired by Music Tradition

The brothers' restaurant “Delicious Pizza”, inspired by their musical heritage, continues to serve up slices while keeping alive the rich legacy associated with this iconic label.

Today, years after its inception, Delicious Vinyl continues championing new artists while preserving its rich history through re-releases – proving that it remains as relevant today as it was at its founding.