How to Make a Lyric Video Using AI Image-to-Video Tools

Gone are the days when creating a lyric video was a simple as slapping some text on a static background with an audio track and rendering it.

One of the best things AI has brought to the music industry (that I’m sure everybody can agree on…) is these image-to-video tools!

These tools allow you produce visually stunning videos that, with some creativity, can easily go viral.

No more stock images and generic BS – you can create very tailored images, animate them, and then let AI apply your lyrics in realtime.

Here’s how to take advantage of these tools and make lyric video using AI:

How to Make a Lyric Video Using AI Image-to-Video Tools

11 Best AI Image-to-Video Tools

1. LeiaPix

1. LeiaPix

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Perfect for creating depth animations that play along with your lyrics. Just upload your background image and use the sliders to control the animation effects.

To sync this with your lyrics, you will need to put the completed video into this tool and export.

2. FlexClip

Flexclip AI Music Video Tool
Flexclip AI Music Video Tool

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The FlexClip web app is a standalone tool full of features. You can make some really high quality videos using their AI-tools and further enrich those using their suite of editing options.

flexclip editing options panel

Layer your lyrics using the text feature. You can then export and refine further if needed but as you can see from the panel above, you have many key tools covered all in the web app and there are constant new features being added.

3. Pika Labs

3. Pika Labs

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If you want animated text instead of just static lyrics, hit up Pika Labs. Their Discord community offers an easy way to animate text-to-video, so you can incorporate animated lyrics right into your video.

Pika Labs is awesome, and it is my go to when I render a MidJourney image and want to quickly animate it.

However, it only lets you generate 2-4 seconds of video so you will want to generate a few variations and then merge those in another tool.

Tools running on Discord are not the most attractive for the every day user, trust me, I get it–it took me forever to get over myself and just crack on with MidJourney.

So, if you are hesitant, I would definitely recommend giving Pika a try and then shifting those clips into Canva (for a smooth blend and automated transitions) and then Descript (to add your track and generate animated lyrics).

On the server, you can use /animate to animate an existing image or use /create to write a prompt and have it generate an animation from scratch.

4. RunwayML

4. RunwayML

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For those who are ready to invest in high-quality animations, RunwayML is the premium choice. It offers a storyboard feature, so you can choreograph how the lyrics and animations interact over time.

Standout Features Of RunwayML:

  • RunwayML can be used to create animations for music videos.
  • Offers an all-in-one online video editor to add music or sound effects.
  • Provides a selection of artificial intelligence tools for professional-level special effects, animations, and unique compositions.
  • Supports common image file formats for animating various pictures, gifs, or graphics.
  • Suitable for creating TikTok videos with animations and special effects.
  • Has been utilized by artists to create music videos with generative AI visuals.

5. GenMo

6. GenMo

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GenMo offers a lot of customization and even in the free mode you can get high quality video clips ready to merge.

You describe the type of animation you want to see with your lyrics and get a tailored result. This will give your lyric video a unique touch.

genmo ai animation
These took around 2 minutes to render and they are smooth!

There is a paid tier, too – and it is only $10 per month!

6. Animated Drawings

5. Animated Drawings

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If your song tells a story, how about animating characters to go along with it? Animated Drawings lets you animate character sketches. Combine these animations with your lyrics for a narrative experience.

7. D-ID

7. D-ID


D-ID can animate a talking avatar, so if you want to feature a ‘singer’ in your lyric video, this tool is ideal. Upload a face image and sync it with your lyrics to create a unique visual element.

8. HeyGen

8. HeyGen


Another tool for animated avatars but with more features. If you’re planning to feature famous faces singing along, HeyGen is your go-to. Just make sure you’re respecting copyright rules.

9. SadTalker

9. SadTalker


This one is a free option for animated avatars. Simply upload the face image and audio of the lyrics. Perfect if you’re looking to create a low-budget, yet engaging lyric video.

10. Kaiber

10. Kaiber


If you’re looking for versatile animation, Kaiber is a robust choice. With a bit of creativity, you can make animations that sync perfectly with your lyrics, giving viewers a captivating experience.

Creating Audiograms and Animated Lyric Videos

descript lyric music video

Above has a nice range of AI text to image tools, some more suited for music video production than others.

You willmostly be using Midjourney (and Dalle-3 which I’ve tested and is levels above anything I have tried yet!) to generate the images and scenes you want to animate, and then putting them in another tool –whichever workflow you find works for you to get the animation down!

Not all tools will all you to add animated captions, so a good tool to throw your audioless video into, is Descript.

It’s very simple:

  • Place your video in
  • Tlace your audio track in
  • Hit ‘Transcribe’ on the audio track

You can then customize the look of the text as well as how and where you want it to appear on the screen.

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