Why Erykah Badu’s [They Cloned] ‘Tyrone’ Remix Hits Differently In 2023

At this point, Erykah Badu‘s name stays in the music ecosystem! I mean, the woman knows what she is doing.

She still manages to keep that classic mysterious goddess energy about her while being so badass as she moves with the times.

But her recent appearance has hit her long-time fans differently.

At the end of Netflix's new number 1 movie, They Cloned Tyrone, we hear the bass guitar… we hear the hi-hat and drums, we are ready and expecting the highly relevant classic live that she winged back in 1997.

The movie has the name in it, the song has the name in it… cool.

But then, we hear the lyrics

Erykah Badu They Cloned Tyrone Lyrics

Sistas how y’all feel? Brothers y’all alright?

Verse 1:
I’m gettin' tired of your shit,

you don’t never buy me nothin 

And everytime you come around,
you got to clone Jim, James, Paul and, Tyrone 

See, why can’t we just be ourselves, sometime?
See, you’ve been tamperin' with my mind for a long time

I just want it to be cool and free,
like it used to be, [be be]

But you don’t know how to act
So matter of fact

Them motherf'ckers cloned Tyrone [Cloned him]
So tell him come on help him get yo' shit
Somebody cloned Tyrone [Cloned him]

Tell him I said come on

Verse 2:
Now every time we try to make a little cash,
They say no to turn right around and try and flash it for some ass
Oh, whoa, said hold up listen partner I ain’t no cheap thrill
Cause miss Badu’s always comin' for real,
You know the deal, n'gga

Everytime we go somewhere,
They gotta search down in my purse
And scan your waves and your homeboy waves,
And sometimes your cousins waves
They don’t never have to pay,
We buy the cars, hang around in bars tryna hang around with stars,
Like Badu I'ma tell you the truth, got the proof, it’s on the news

Them motherf'ckers cloned Tyrone [Cloned him]
Hell going on? I don’t get this shit!
Somebody cloned Tyrone
And they tappin our phones…

It was smart, it was cool, and, it was the cherry on top of a very good movie; unexpected, like the film itself.

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