Buying Soundcloud Plays: The Pros, Cons, Good, Bad and Ugly!

It's hard to get noticed as a new musician in the already saturated music market. You've probably thought about buying SoundCloud plays to increase your reach. It may sound like a creative idea as more SoundCloud plays result in more attention and reach; but is it a wise idea? 

This article will look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of buying SoundCloud plays to help you make an informed decision. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if the reward outweighs the risk and what it could mean for your account.

But first, let's understand how SoundCloud playtime is bought. 

Buying Soundcloud Plays: The Pros, Cons, Good, Bad and Ugly!

How SoundCloud Playtime is Bought

How SoundCloud Playtime is Bought

Programmers send internet bots (or web robots) to run automated tasks with the intent of emulating what humans do. These robots perform tasks such as viewing and liking music, and they do them fast and repetitively. With sophisticated software, bots can also be instructed to leave comments about your music. 

Pros of Buying SoundCloud Plays

It's a Great Way to Jumpstart Your Music Career

It's a Great Way to Jumpstart Your Music Career

Like on Twitter and Facebook, it's hard to get your first view, like, or comment on SoundCloud. Getting the first person to play your newly uploaded song is an uphill task and more challenging when you are new on the platform. 

Suppose you are wondering why; it's because people always leave songs with no plays at no plays. Why would they even bother when your music doesn't inspire confidence?

Purchasing SoundCloud plays will give your song a strong head start. When someone searches for it and finds out that it's been played by thousands of listeners, they'll likely listen to it as well. 

Helps You Gain Social Proof

Helps You Gain Social Proof

You only become popular when you look popular. On SoundCloud, that popularity is determined by the number of plays you get on your tracks. Buying SoundCloud plays attracts people's attention and puts you in a likely position to go viral. 

However, buying plays doesn't guarantee popularity – it's the quality of your music that does. The more people share them on their social media platforms, the higher your odds of going viral are. 

Helps You Build a Community

Helps You Build a Community

Purchasing SoundCloud plays means more people will get to know you in the long run. People will search for you on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other sites. If you can tap on the potential of building a formidable social media presence, you'll gain more followers in the long run, and your community will grow. 

Get Noticed by Brands

Your SoundCloud profile begins to stand out from the multitude once your music exceeds 100,000 plays. And since SoundCloud is a popular platform for searching for talent, event managers and clubs will likely approach you to strike deals. They are often on the lookout for fresh and energetic talents, meaning you stand greater chances if they come across your name in the SoundCloud music blog. 

Buying SoundCloud plays not only lands you performance deals but also puts you in a great position to be noticed by record companies. If they find your music impressive enough, they can offer to sign you on their labels. 

Build Brand Image

Perhaps you are an established artist who just joined SoundCloud. To announce yourself authoritatively on the platform, you should consider purchasing playtime for your newly uploaded music. In addition to boosting your credibility, purchased plays will get your music trending within a shorter span than it would typically take. 

Cons of Buying SoundCloud Plays

Plays Aren't Usually Targeted

Buying SoundCloud plays means hiring a programmer to create bots that imitate the human behavior of listening, liking, and commenting on your music. It also means you can't determine who listens to your song or from what location in the world. 

This harms your music career because those bots won't take an active interest in you as a musician. No one will care about your music unless they come across your name elsewhere and come searching. If you are buying SoundCloud plays thinking you are promoting your music, then you're mistaken. It should be meant to boost your play count only. 

It Isn't a Publicly Accepted Practice 

It Isn't a Publicly Accepted Practice 

Buying SoundCloud plays is a controversial practice. While hard work is what the SoundCloud community advocates as the way to success, buying plays is seen as a shortcut. People will look down upon you when they realize you used bots to alter the stats. Consequently, your reputation will spoil, and your growth as an artist will plummet. 

When you buy SoundCloud likes and plays, ensure you get them from a legitimate source that guarantees confidentiality. It's also crucial that you don't tell anyone else that bots orchestrated your play count. 

You Might Get Scammed

You Might Get Scammed

As the SoundCloud plays business becomes more popular, the rise of scammers is also skyrocketing. Many people sell plays that don't work or can easily be detected. 

Before buying them, you must conduct a scrutinous evaluation to whittle down fake companies. 

Fake plays are detrimental in two ways: 

  • Since they can be detected, they'll affect your profile because real people won't play your music. This will lead to profile dormancy, alienating you from the benefits you intended to get. 
  • You'll lose your money for nothing if the plays are counterfeit. 

You'll Still Need Proper Marketing

Purchasing SoundCloud plays is not a sure-fire way to make you an established artist. It only helps you kickstart your profile, after which you must engage with real people to convert them to fans. 

As we mentioned, purchased SoundCloud plays do not impact your financial returns directly. You must go ahead and showcase your music on social media platforms and concerts or hire influencers to market them. 

The Takeaway

Buying SoundCloud plays will help you reach more listeners at the end, depending on what your plans and requirements are. To get the most out of your effort, it's vital to publicize your music on other platforms by sharing a link to your music. It would be best if you considered hiring a freelancer to help channel traffic towards your SoundCloud as well. 

Remember, the success of buying SoundCloud plays depends on the legitimacy of the site offering the service. Ensure you research well and settle on a company with a good reputation.


What Will Happen If I Buy 1 Million Soundcloud Plays?

If you buy 1 million Soundcloud plays, it will look unnatural and could potentially get you in trouble with the site. Realistically, no one organically accumulates that many plays that quickly – unless they're Justin Bieber. You could be playing with fire and that's not worth risking your account and hard work for a short term boost.

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