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Taylor Gang Entertainment
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Company NameTaylor Gang Entertainment
Co-founderWiz Khalifa
LocationPittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Type of BusinessIndependent record label, Music management, Music production, Film company
ArtistsWiz Khalifa, Berner, Juicy J, Ty Dolla $ign, etc.
PartnershipAtlantic Records, BMG
Endorsement Deals25 college athletes in NIL space
Website ContentRecent music videos, new studio albums
Industry InfluenceSigning new talents, managing current roster, fostering a loyal fanbase

History and Co-Founding of Taylor Gang Entertainment

Meet Taylor Gang Entertainment, an American entertainment company that has been making waves in the music industry since its inception in 2008.

The record label was co-founded by Wiz Khalifa, an internationally recognized Pittsburgh rapper known for his soulful tunes and unique style.

Functioning as more than just a music label, Taylor Gang Entertainment encompasses music management, production, and even film.

Function and Operations of the Record Label

Operating out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Taylor Gang Records is home to a diverse roster of artists. The hip-hop collective includes talents such as Wiz Khalifa himself, Berner, and Ty Dolla $ign. Notably, rapper Juicy J serves as A&R for the label, while TM88 works as a producer.

Artists under Taylor Gang Entertainment Roster

The roster at this rap music group extends beyond big names like Wiz Khalifa. Other talented artists like Berner and the rapper Chevy Woods are also part of this vibrant collective.

Whether it's creating chart-topping hits or launching Taylor Gang merchandise, these artists play a pivotal role in the label's operations.

Record Deal with Atlantic Records and its Impact

In a move that made headlines in the industry, Wiz Khalifa announced a record deal with Atlantic Records – a partnership that promises to provide further opportunities for both artists and fans alike.

Taylor Gang Entering the NIL Space

Taylor Gang Entertainment isn't just confining itself to traditional music formats either. Recently, they branched out into the NIL (name, image and likeness) space by signing endorsement deals with 25 college athletes under its brand name.

Website Features and Recent Music Videos

To get your Taylor Gang fix online, their website offers up-to-date content including recent hits such as “No Competition” by Wiz Khalifa himself.

Partnership with BMG for New Albums

To add another feather to their hat, Taylor Gang has partnered with BMG for new studio albums from their artists – a move that guarantees more innovative music from this powerhouse record label.

Influence and Success in the Music Industry

The influence of Taylor Gang Entertainment on the music industry can't be overstated. From signing fresh new talents to managing their current artist roster effectively – they've got it all covered.

New Talent Recruitment Strategies

Taylor Gang has gained recognition for their smart talent recruitment strategies – always on the lookout for new voices that can add to their diverse hip-hop collective.

Management of Current Artist Roster

Taylor Gang not only recruits talents but also manages them effectively – ensuring each artist can reach their full potential while fostering a loyal fanbase in the process.