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So So Def Recordings
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FounderJermaine Dupri
LocationAtlanta, Georgia
Notable ArtistsBow Wow, Kris Kross, TLC, Usher, Da Brat
Annual Revenue$86,000
Number of Employees2
Key GenresSouthern hip hop, R&B, Bass music
Key ChallengesRisks to music rights due to complications involving various artists

Founding of So So Def Recordings

In 1993, music producer and mogul, Jermaine Dupri, started a new venture that would shape the music scene in Atlanta and beyond.

The birth of So So Def Recordings, an American record label based in Atlanta, Georgia, marked the beginning of a new era for Southern hip hop, R&B, and bass music.

Location and Influence on Musical Genres

Dupri's vision for the label was to be a driving force behind the sound of Atlanta's rap and R&B scene. And that's exactly what So So Def did.

The label played a significant role in popularizing these genres across the country, carving out its unique space in the music industry.

Notable Artists Managed by So So Def Recordings

The roster of artists who have been graced by the management of So So Def is impressive indeed. From Bow Wow to Kris Kross to TLC and Usher – these amazing artists have all contributed to the label’s remarkable discography.

Successful Tracks Released by the Label

The success story of this record label is also echoed through its successful tracks that have topped charts both domestically and internationally. Notable tracks from artists such as Da Brat and Jermaine Dupri himself are testaments to this.

So So Def's Contribution to Southern Hip-Hop in the 90s

The 90s was a defining era for Southern hip-hop thanks largely to Dupri’s guidance at SoSo Def Recordings. The label’s contribution shaped this genre significantly during this period.

Anniversary Celebrations and Popularity Reflection

The milestone anniversary celebrations of SoSo Def Recordings, carried out through multi-city concert tours, reflect not only its enduring popularity but also its influential legacy in shaping popular music genres.

Business Aspects of So So Def Recordings

Besides being a music powerhouse, So So Def Recordings‘ business side appears quite formidable too. With around two employees on board, it reportedly generates an annual revenue close to $86,000.

Challenges Faced by the Label Including Rights Issues

No journey is without challenges – even for an influential record label like SoSo Def Recordings. Navigating through potential risks related to music rights has been one such hurdle that involved complications with various artists including Xscape, Kris Kross, Bow Wow, and Da Brat.

Persistence Despite Challenges: The Current State of the Label

Facing challenges head-on under Dupri's leadership has seen SoSo Def Recordings persist and thrive as an integral part of Atlanta’s hip-hop industry scene nearly three decades after it was first established.

Artists' Complications Influencing the Label's History

The history of any record label is heavily influenced by its artists – their triumphs as well as their struggles. The same holds true for SoSo Def Recordings,. Its influence on music production has been shaped significantly by its relationships with its managed artists throughout different periods.

Jermiane Dupri’s Leadership Impact on Industry Presence,

Hip Hopand it continues to make waves under his expert guidance today.