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Rough Trade Records
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NameRough Trade Records
LocationLondon, England
FoundersGeoff Travis
GenresPunk Rock, Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Indie Pop
Notable ArtistsThe Smiths, Scritti Politti, Mazzy Star, The Go-Betweens
ManagementGeoff Travis and Jeannette Lee
AffiliationsBeggars Group
ServicesRecord Label, Music Store, Distribution Company
ExpansionNew York City Store
Online ServicesVinyl Records and Merchandise Sales

Origins and Formation of Rough Trade Records

Born out of a humble record store in London, England, Rough Trade Records has grown into an influential powerhouse among independent labels. Geoff Travis, the founder, opened the doors to his music store off Ladbroke Grove in 1976.

Riding the wave of punk rock and underground music, the store quickly evolved into a distribution company called The Cartel. By 1978, it had morphed into the iconic record label known today.

Influence of Punk Rock Wave on Rough Trade Records

In its early years, Rough Trade Records was deeply influenced by the punk rock wave that swept across the UK during the late 70s. The label played a crucial role in democratizing cultural production.

It wasn't just about making noise; it was about giving voice to alternative rock bands and artists who were pushing boundaries of music.

Evolution into a Record Label: The Journey from a Music Store to an Indie Pioneer

Rough Trade Records' journey from a quirky little music store to one of the pioneering independent labels is steeped in indie music history. Over time, it has played a key role in shaping various genres like Post-Punk, Indie Rock, and Indie Pop.

Impact of Rough Trade Records on Music Genres

Throughout its existence, Rough Trade Records has had an immense impact on numerous music genres. Its influence has been instrumental in shaping post-punk revival and fostering indie pop's growth within mainstream culture.

Prominent Bands and Artists Launched by Rough Trade Records

Rough Trade Records is credited with launching numerous prominent bands and artists over the decades. From The Smiths to Scritti Politti to Mazzy Star and The Go-Betweens – it's not just about vinyl records; it's about creating legends.

The Role of Geoff Travis and Jeannette Lee in Shaping Rough Trade Records

It would be remiss not to mention Geoff Travis's contribution alongside co-director Jeannette Lee's role in shaping Rough Trade Records. Together they have managed to maintain its unique identity even as it operates under larger affiliations like Beggars Group.

Affiliation with Beggars Group: Maintaining Individuality within an Umbrella

Despite being part of Beggars Group, one of the largest independent group of labels globally, Rough Trade has retained its individuality.

This balance between collective strength and individual uniqueness is part of what makes this label so special within indie music scene.

Outreach beyond Music: Books and Merchandise at the Rough Trade Store

More than just a purveyor of great tunes, fans can pre-order vinyl records online from Rough Trade along with other merchandise such as books – further emphasizing their commitment to supporting great music since inception.

Rough Trade's Expansion to New York City: A Milestone in its History

An iconic milestone for Rough Trade was its expansion overseas with their New York City store becoming renowned among enthusiasts for being one of America’s largest stores specializing in punk rock and indie music – another testament to their significant impact within this genre worldwide.

Legacy and Influence of Rough Trade Records on Indie Scene

Today, when you hear terms like ‘indie music', ‘alternative rock', or ‘post-punk revival’, chances are you're hearing echoes from discs spun out by this legendary label. This legacy continues even as they celebrate every Record Store Day with fans around the world.