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Roca Beats
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Record LabelRoca Beats
LocationThe Netherlands
StatusPlatinum Producer
Known CollaborationsFamous Dex, Pnb Rock, Lil Peep, Sony, G.O.O.D., Mike Zombie from OVO label
Music PlatformsDiscogs and SoundCloud
Music StylesHip hop, bass music, electronic funk
Notable Records5Fith Coast Records, “Russell Westbrook” by Aye Tee, GC BAG [Playboi Carti/Rich the kid type beat]
Notable SessionsRecording session for Basra with Pete La Roca in 1965
Similar NamesRoc-A-Fella Records (American hip hop record label), Marko Roca (Portugal radio show host and owner of Loop:Recordings)

Roca Beats: The Platinum Producer

Roca Beats is a Platinum Producer based in The Netherlands, known for his work with various musical artists such as Famous Dex, Pnb Rock, and Lil Peep.

He has proven himself as a master of music production and beat making, creating unique hip hop beats, instrumental beats, rap beats, trap beats, and more.

In addition to individual artists, Roca Beats has collaborated with multiple record labels including Sony and G.O.O.D., and worked with Mike Zombie from the OVO label.

His music can be explored on various platforms including Discogs and SoundCloud, where one can stream tracks, albums, and playlists on both desktop and mobile devices.

Music Styles and Versatility

Roca Beats has produced a wide range of music styles such as hip hop, bass music, electronic funk showcasing his versatile talent. His discography includes tracks for some of The Valley's hottest hip-hop talent under the 5Fith Coast Records label.

He also contributed to the track “Russell Westbrook” by Aye Tee which was released in 2017. This further demonstrates his skills in electronic music production and music composition.

Showcasing Versatility with GC BAG [Playboi Carti/Rich the kid type beat]

A track produced by Roca Beats titled GC BAG [Playboi Carti/Rich the kid type beat] showcases his ability to create beats for other artists across different genres. Furthermore, he had involvement with Pete La Roca during the recording session for Basra in 1965.

Distinguishing between Roc-A-Fella Records and Roca Beats

For all you music enthusiasts out there who may have heard of Roc-A-Fella Records an American hip hop record label – don't get it twisted! It's not to be confused with Roca Beats. Although both are significant contributors in the realm of hip hop beats and rap beats.

Marko Roca: Another Artist in the Mix

Worth mentioning is Marko Roca who had a local radio show in Portugal before starting their own music label called Loop:Recordings.

Roca Beats' Impressive Industry Profile

Overall, Roca Beats maintains quite an impressive profile within the music industry in terms of production credits and collaborations.

With a mix of instrumental beats that range from trap to electronic funk – it's no wonder that this platinum producer from The Netherlands is making waves across international waters.