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RBC Records
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Record LabelRBC Records
Founded ByBrian Shafton and Bob Grossi
Founded In2002
TypeIndependent Record Label and Management Company
Genre SpecializationHip-Hop/Rap
Main ServicesDistribution, digital marketing, product management, sales and marketing, publicity, radio and video promotion
Operating UnderBMG Music Publishing
Notable Artistsennamelang, Tech N9ne, Run the Jewels, Goldlink, Chief Keef, Flippa (aka Skippa Da Flippa)
New Collaboration43B Record Label by Chief Keef and Lil Gnar
Records SoldNearly five million

Origins and Founding of RBC Records

In the bustling world of the music industry, RBC Records stands as a distinguished music label. The record company was conceived online by partners Brian Shafton and Bob Grossi.

This dynamic duo sought to create an independent label that would serve as a viable alternative to major labels. Born in 2002, RBC Records has been making waves in the music industry ever since.

Unique Business Model and Services Offered by RBC Records

What sets this record label apart is its business model. RBC Records offers artists a full-service “virtual label”, providing services such as product management, digital marketing, distribution, sales and marketing, publicity, radio and video promotion.

This suite of services empowers artists to take control of their careers without being bound by traditional constraints.

Specialization in Hip-Hop/Rap Genre

RBC Records holds a special place in the hearts of hip-hop aficionados. The record company has chosen to specialize in the Hip-Hop/Rap genre, offering artists in this field unprecedented support and resources.

Partnership and Empowerment with BMG

RBC Records' partnership with BMG has further bolstered its standing within the industry. The company's operations are powered by BMG which significantly enhances their ability to attract top talent and deliver exceptional results.

Notable Artists Affiliated with RBC Records

The roster of artists that have been associated with RBC Records reads like a who's who of the hip-hop world. Notable names include rapper E-40 along with other talented individuals who have found success through their affiliation with this pioneering record label.

RBC Records' Support of E-40's Mixtape Catalog

RBC records have provided instrumental support for rapper E-40's mixtape catalog. Their backing has allowed his music to reach a wider audience and cement his position as one of the leading voices in hip-hop.

Acquisition by BMG Music Publishing: A Turning Point

The acquisition of RBC Records by BMG Music Publishing marked a significant turning point for the company. Although exact details remain undisclosed, this development brought increased recognition for RBC records within the music industry.

One-Off Projects: Highlighting Artist Collaborations

RBC records have released several one-off projects from esteemed artists such as Tech N9ne, Run the Jewels, Goldlink among others.

These collaborations not only spotlight diverse talent but also add an interesting dimension to album release dynamics within the record company.

Influential Modern Hip-Hop Scene Artists and Their Association with RBC Records

Some influential modern hip-hop scene artists like Chief Keef & Flippa (aka Skippa Da Flippa) consider RBC records their label home – an affirmation of its commitment to supporting musicians especially within the rap genre.

Recent Developments: Chief Keef, 43B, and Lil Gnar

In recent news, acclaimed rapper Chief Keef announced his new record label 43B (“Forget Everybody”) launched in collaboration with RBC Records/BMG; Atlanta rapper Lil Gnar being its first signee is another testament to its continuous growth within the music industry.

Track Record of Success: Decades in Business and Millions of Records Sold

With nearly two decades under its belt and close to five million records sold worldwide; RBC Records’ track record is undeniably impressive.

Global Accessibility via Exceptional Distribution Network

Emphasizing on accessibility for all fans globally regardless of location or platform preference; RBC’s exceptional distribution network ensures that these songs find their way into every corner of the globe where listeners can enjoy them – truly showcasing what modern day music production should look like.