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Quality Records
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Company NameQuality Records
Operational Years1950 – 1985
Key FunctionsReleasing music albums in Canada on behalf of American record labels and distributing various US lines
Associated LabelsMGM Records, Buddah Records, Groove Merchant Records, Kama Sutra Records
Initial DirectorGeorge Keane
FoundersHarold Carson and a group from Western Canada
Notable ArtistsDonna Summer, Di Di Sound Feat Daniele Montanari, Dr Timothy Leary among others
Associated CompaniesQuality Record Pressings, Quality Goods Records, Quality Control Music among others
SignificanceFirst Canadian record company wholly owned by Canadians. Known for its quality records and efficient record management.
Market TrendsDespite the rise of digital music, vinyl records are seeing a resurgence due to their excellent sound quality.

Quality Records: A Brief History

Dive into the rich tapestry of Quality Records, a Canadian entertainment company that left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Operating from 1950 to 1985, Quality Records established itself as a reliable distributor of American record labels, such as MGM Records, Buddah Records, Groove Merchant Records, and Kama Sutra Records.

Headquartered in Toronto and led by George Keane, Quality Records was not just a conduit for American music but also a platform that amplified the voices of Canadian artists.

Key Personnel at Quality Records

The birth of Quality Records came about through the combined efforts of Harold Carson and a group from Western Canada.

As the first Canadian record company wholly owned by Canadians, it held a unique position in the industry and continued to uphold its commitment to quality management and data integrity.

The Founding of Quality Records

Quality records was founded with one key philosophy at heart – quality over everything else. From this ethos emerged an entity known for its excellent record keeping and regulatory compliance.

The main driving force behind this initiative was Harold Carson, who led a team from Western Canada in establishing what would become an iconic entity in the music industry.

Role of Quality Records in Canadian Music Industry

Quality records were more than just music distributors; they were pioneers in their own right. At their peak, they stood tall as Canada's largest independent record company before many labels migrated to the U.S.

Their steadfast commitment to document control and data validation played a significant role in their success.

Quality of Record Pressings and Artist Involvement

Known for their high-quality pressings, Quality records never compromised on artist involvement in artwork and packaging process improvement.

They worked closely with artists such as Donna Summer, Di Di Sound Feat Daniele Montanari, and Dr Timothy Leary among others.

Notable Artists under the Label

Some artists who graced this label include Donna Summer whose vibrant disco tunes set dance floors alight; Di Di Sound Feat Daniele Montanari known for their eclectic soundscapes; and Dr Timothy Leary who made his mark with his insightful recordings.

Expansion into Audiophile Community with Quality Record Pressings

In 2011, Quality Record Pressings expanded into the audiophile community by offering top titles that catered specifically to this niche market's tastes.

With an unerring focus on risk assessment and audit trails, they continued upholding their reputation for delivering superior sound experiences.

The Influence of Veteran Producer UZ on Quality Goods Records

UZ is not just another DJ icon; he is a veteran producer whose influence on Quality Goods records is undeniable. With over two decades of experience under his belt, UZ brings his expertise to bear on every project he touches.

Efficient Records Management at Quality Records

Quality records management is synonymous with efficient processes – from policies to standard operating procedures – ensuring seamless operations at all levels within the organization.

Introduction to Boutique Agency: Quality Control Music

As part of its expansion strategy, Quality Control Music has emerged as a boutique agency curating custom brand relationships tailored specifically for each talent under its roster.

Comparison: Other High-Quality Recording Outlets

Other high-quality recording outlets worth mentioning include Music On Vinyl known for releasing high-quality LPs; Capitol Music Group which houses several divisions including Astralwerks and Blue Note records; Craft Recordings possessing one of the largest collections; Hyperion Recording dedicated to high-quality recordings across various styles among many others.

The Relevance of Vinyl in The Digital Age

In an age where digital music reigns supreme, vinyl records are experiencing resurgence owing largely to their superior sound quality which these high-quality record labels continue to champion.