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Murder Inc. Records
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FoundersChris Gotti and Irving Domingo “Irv Gotti” Lorenzo Jr.
Notable ArtistsJeffery Bruce “ Ja Rule” Atkins, Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas, Tiffany “Charli Baltimore” Lane, Ramel Leroy “Black Child” Gill, and Lloyd Polite Jr.
 Ja Rule
Name ChangeIn 2004, it was renamed to The INC Records. However, it reverted back to Murder Inc. in 2016
Other ProductionsProduced films and TV shows after striking a $300 Million deal for Murder Inc master copies
AdversitiesSignificant artist departures such as Ashanti and Lloyd along with Ja Rule leaving to form his own indie label known as MPire
Current StatusOperates as an American hip-hop record label owned by record producer Irv Gotti, who recently signed a new distribution deal
DocumentariesSeveral docuseries focusing on the rise and fall of Murder Inc including one produced by BET

Founding Murder Inc. Records

Murder Inc. Records, an iconic name in the hip hop world, was born in 1998 from the collective vision of brothers Chris Gotti and Irving Domingo “Irv Gotti” Lorenzo Jr.

This dynamic duo set out to create a powerful record label that would leave an indelible imprint on the music industry.

Key Founders of the Label

The brains behind the operation, Chris Gotti and Irv Gotti, brought together their passion for rap music, their understanding of street culture, and their business acumen to form Murder Inc.

Their aim was not just to create music, but to build a brand that artists would be proud to associate with.

Notable Signed Artists

Murder Inc. soon became home to some of the most influential hip hop artists. This included talents like Ja Rule, Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas, Tiffany “Charli Baltimore” Lane, Ramel Leroy “Black Child” Gill, and Lloyd Polite Jr.

Ja Rule: The Flagship Artist

Gangsta rap artist Ja Rule, who debuted in 1999 with his album ‘Venni Vetti Vecci', quickly became the label's flagship artist. His lead single “Holla Holla” took the music industry by storm and established him as a force to reckon with under Irv Gotti’s Murder Inc.

Other Successful Artists: Spotlight on Ashanti

Another star who shone bright under this label was Ashanti. Her soulful voice coupled with her commanding stage presence made her one of Murder Inc.'s most successful artists.

Facing Controversy: The 2004 Conflict and Rebranding to The INC Records

In 2004, controversy shook Murder Inc when federal authorities raided their offices leading to plummeting album sales.

In order to distance themselves from allegations of being involved in organized crime and money laundering operations, they rebranded as The INC Records. However, they returned back to their original moniker – Murder Inc., in 2016.

Expansion into Film and TV Production Ventures

Never ones to limit themselves just to music production, Irv Gotti led the label into film and TV show production after securing a $300 Million deal for Murder Inc master copies.

Maintaining Influence Despite Adversities and Artist Departures

Even though they saw significant artist departures including Ashanti, Lloyd and Ja Rule (who later formed his own indie label known as MPire), Murder Inc has remained relevant in the music industry thanks largely due its resilient label executives.

The Current Stage of Murder Inc. Records

As it stands now, Irv Gotti owns this legendary American hip-hop record label which recently signed a fresh distribution deal.

Fresh Distribution Deal for the Label

The latest news from Irv himself is that he’s inked a fresh distribution deal, breathing new life into this iconic brand.

A Look Back: Documentary Features on Murder Inc.'s Rise and Fall

Over time, there have been several documentaries aired about the rise and fall of this infamous record label such as one produced by BET featuring interviews with various artists associated with it.