Madlib Invazion: Record Label Info

Madlib Invazion
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NameMadlib Invazion
LocationLos Angeles, USA
Key ArtistsFreddie Gibbs, The Professionals, The Heliocentrics, Little Barrie, Jahari Massamba Unit
Music GenresHip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Psychedelic
Notable Releases‘Infinity of Now' by The Heliocentrics, ‘Half Manne Half Cocaine' by Freddie Gibbs / Madlib, Madlib Invazion Music Library Series
Other FunctionsDistribution company, Online store for vinyl records or CDs
Significant ProjectsRelease of Embryo's album, Collaboration with Four Tet on ‘Sound Ancestors'

Founding and Purpose of Madlib Invazion

Established in 2010, Madlib Invazion is a celebrated American independent label, making waves in the underground hip hop scene.

Esteemed producer and DJ Madlib, based out of Los Angeles, instituted this ground-breaking label to serve as a platform for his music.

This innovative venture followed his earlier production/publishing entity, Invazion. From instrumental hip hop to experimental jazz, Madlib Invazion has made its mark with an assorted range of genres.

Key Artists Signed by Madlib Invazion

This vibrant record label boasts an impressive roster of artists – from Freddie Gibbs to The Professionals and The Heliocentrics. Other acclaimed contributors include Little Barrie and Jahari Massamba Unit.

With such diverse talent under its belt, Madlib Invazion has truly refined the sound of modern hip hop with their sample-based productions and soulful beats.

Genre Diversity in Madlib Invazion

The essence of Madlib Invazion lies in its genre diversity. While rooted deeply in hip hop, the label's music extends into realms like jazz, showcasing the producer's penchant for improvisation. This is palpably reflected in their noteworthy releases.

Noteworthy Releases from Madlib Invazion

‘Infinity of Now' by The Heliocentrics released in 2020 and ‘Half Manne Half Cocaine' by Freddie Gibbs / Madlib also launched in 2020 are among the standout releases from the label.

Yet another gem from their discography is Madlib's first release under his own name – a testament to the diversity and originality that permeates through this hip-hop label.

The Significance of the Madlib Invazion Music Library Series

In collaboration with Egon, Madlib conceptualized the Madlib Invazion Music Library Series. This inventive series was designed to provide a nurturing space for emerging talent to experiment with music and create distinctive sounds.

Additional Collections under the Umbrella of Madlib Invazion

Apart from being just a record label, Madlib Invazion wears many hats – it houses several thrilling collections such as ‘American Psychedelic', ‘World Psychedelic', ‘Zamrock collection Soul & Funk'.

This eclectic mix further emphasizes the variety inherent within this dynamic brand.

Evolution into a Wholesale Distribution Company and Online Store

In addition to their musical prowess, Madlib Invazion has successfully transitioned into serving as a wholesale distribution company with an online store where fans can purchase vinyl records or CDs from its musical series and artists.

Highlight Project: German Jazz Band Embryo's Release on Madlib Invazion

A noteworthy project that deserves mention is German jazz band Embryo's album release on this record label after many years. This initiative exemplifies how Maldib Invanzion welcomes diversity within its repertoire.

Collaborative Ventures with Other Artists like Four Tet and Secret MCs

Maintaining his vision for expanding horizons, Maldib forges ahead with collaborations on projects like ‘Sound Ancestors' alongside Four Tet or secret MCs (as hinted on Rappcats website).

These ventures encapsulate Maldib’s ceaseless pursuit for innovation within his record label.