Loud Records Record Label Info

Name Loud Records, LLC
Founded 1991
Founders Steve Rifkind and Rich Isaacson
Location United States
Genres Hip-Hop, East Coast Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Hardcore Hip Hop
Notable Artists Wu-Tang Clan, Big Pun, Mobb Deep, Krayzie Bone, The Beatnuts, M.O.P., Tha Alkaholiks, Pete Rock, Lil' Flip, Three 6 Mafia
Services Record Label, Artist Management, Publishing Services
Logo Symbol of the classic '90s hip-hop scene
Not to be Confused with Big Loud Records, a Nashville-based label specializing in country music

Loud Records: An Icon in the Hip-Hop Music Industry

Founded in 1991 by Steve Rifkind and Rich Isaacson, Loud Records is a revered American music label that has left an indelible mark on the hip-hop scene. Through their dedication to rap and passion for artist development, they've cultivated an environment of creativity, leading to a number of groundbreaking album releases.

The Stars Behind Loud Records

The record company has been instrumental in nurturing iconic artists across decades. They provided crucial platforms for acts such as Wu-Tang Clan, Big Pun, Mobb Deep, Krayzie Bone, The Beatnuts and more.
Taking center stage is undoubtedly Wu-Tang Clan whose association with Loud Records was pivotal in their career trajectory. Their first record deal with this esteemed label back in the '90s helped cement them as pillars of hip-hop culture.

The Impact of Loud Records on the Music Scene

The impact this record label has had on the industry extends beyond just album releases. With a focus on East Coast Hip Hop, Boom Bap and Hardcore Hip Hop genres, Loud Records' influence echoes throughout the fabric of music culture.
While they began as a music production entity primarily dealing with rap genres; their evolution led them to offer more services including artist management and publishing.

The Symbolism Behind Their Unmistakable Logo

Loud Record's logo mirrors what it stands for – raw talent and classic '90s hip-hop scene. It represents not just a successful brand but symbolizes dynamic transformation brought about by this influential record company.

Serving Artists Beyond Music Production

But there's more than meets the eye when it comes to Loud Records. Beyond signing artists and brokering record deals; they also offer artist management services along with comprehensive publishing assistance – making them so much more than your average music label.
The dedicated A&R department works tirelessly to scout new talent while effectively managing existing rosters.

Loud records Today: Rifkind’s New Roster

Founder Steve Rifkind continues to keep up pace with modern times by consistently unveiling new artist rosters that keep fans on their toes.
This testament to his commitment adds momentum to this beloved label’s relevance even today!

A Different Tune: Distinguishing between Big & Loud records

Though similar sounding names could lead you astray, don't mix up our favorite hip-hop powerhouse -Loud Records- with country-focused Big Loud Records based out of Nashville.
Though both contribute significantly within their own niches, these independent entities champion different sounds altogether.