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Empire Distribution
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NameEmpire Distribution (EMPIRE)
FounderGhazi Shami
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California
Additional OfficesNew York City, Atlanta, London, Nashville
FocusPredominantly Hip Hop Music
TypeIndependent Distributor, Record Label, Music Publisher
Notable ArtistsKendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, among others
ServicesDistribution, Label Services including Marketing
StatusOne of the largest independent record labels in the U.S.
Founder's BackgroundMusic Technology Graduate

History and Growth of Empire Distribution

Founded in 2010, Empire Distribution, also known as EMPIRE, is an American distribution company and record label that has made significant strides in the music industry.

Its founder, Ghazi Shami, had a vision that saw Empire Record Label expand from its roots in San Francisco, California to having global offices in vibrant music scenes like New York City, Atlanta, London, and Nashville.

Founding and Leadership: The Role of Ghazi Shami

Ghazi Shami's background in music technology was instrumental in shaping the direction of Empire Distribution.

As the Empire Distribution CEO, Ghazi leveraged his expertise to create a platform that not only distributes music but also offers artists a chance to unlock their full potential.

Headquarters and Global Presence

While its headquarters remain in San Francisco, EMPIRE’s influence extends far beyond. With offices spread across major cities worldwide, it has positioned itself as an international player in the music scene.

Music Genres and The Focus on Hip Hop

EMPIRE has a broad spectrum when it comes to music genres. However, its primary focus is on hip hop music. This genre-specific focus has seen the Empire Distribution artist roster fill up with some of the biggest names in hip hop today.

Empire Distribution's Approach to Social Networking Outreaches

In an era where digital platforms dominate the entertainment industry, EMPIRE's approach to social networking outreaches sets them apart. They've innovatively harnessed these platforms' power to ensure their artists' music reaches a wide audience globally.

Empire as the Preferred Digital Distribution Company for Independent Artists

As an independent record label, EMPIRE presents an appealing proposition for independent artists seeking more control over their creative outputs.

Their reputation as a preferred digital distribution company speaks volumes about their commitment to artist empowerment.

Noteworthy Artists Associated with Empire Record Label

The quality of Empire Distribution Music is evident through its association with notable artists. Names like Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q have graced Empire’s artist roster at some point during their career journeys.

Services Offered: Beyond Music Distribution

Beyond being a music distribution company,, EMPIRE offers additional services such as marketing support that propels artists' careers forward.

The Impact on the Music Industry as an Independent Record Label

Despite being an independent label born out of Bay Area, EMPIRE has made significant contributions to today's music industry. It stands as one of today's largest independent record labels within U.S., marking its influence on both local and international scales.

The Inspiring Success Story of Ghazi Shami with Empire Distribution

Ghazi Shami’s success story serves as inspiration for many aspiring musicians looking for partnerships that offer more than just distribution services.

His ambition led him not just to create a thriving business within San Francisco but also expand it on a global scale without losing its unique identity.

The Appeal for Aspiring Musicians to Partner with Empire

Many aspiring musicians see partnering with EMPIRE as an opportunity for growth while maintaining control over their creative outputs and business endeavors.

Ghazi Shami’s Educational Background in Music Technology

Ghazi Shami’s background as a graduate in Music Technology played a crucial role building this successful enterprise from scratch into one of America’s leading independent labels.

The Expansion Strategies and Maintaining Identity in a Global Market

EMPIRE's expansion strategies have been mindful of maintaining its unique identity while penetrating different markets across the globe.