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Blacksmith Records
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Record Label NameBlacksmith Records
FoundersCorey Smyth and Talib Kweli
Notable ArtistsJean Grae, Strong Arm Steady, Vince Staples, Idle Warship
PartnershipsCapitol Music Group, Motown Records
Notable ReleasesPete Rock (2008), Several Albums from Talib Kweli
ExpansionBlacksmith Recordings with Capitol Music Group & Motown Records (2019)
DealsVince Staples via new label venture with Capitol Music Group and Motown Records
BranchesHarlem, New York City and Germany
Physical Presence1720 W End Ave., Nashville TN
Music PlatformsSoundCloud
ContributionsArtist management activities and broad discography

Background and Founders of Blacksmith Records

The stage was set in Harlem, where the rhythm of life fostered the birth of Blacksmith Records. The masterminds behind this label are Corey Smyth and Talib Kweli, known for his role in the hip-hop duo Black Star.

Like skilled blacksmiths, they've been hammering out hits on their musical anvil, forging a name that resonates with quality and authenticity.

Notable Artists and Signees

The craftsmanship of Blacksmith Records is evident in their selection of artists. They've signed talents like Jean Grae, Strong Arm Steady, Vince Staples, and Idle Warship – musicians who embody the spirit of ironwork with their robust and strong sounds.

Partnership with Capitol Music Group and Motown Records

In their quest to create music that stands the test of time like fine steelwork, Blacksmith Records teamed up with Capitol Music Group and Motown Records to launch Blacksmith Recordings. This partnership has opened avenues for further growth and collaboration.

Record Releases and Achievements

Since its inception, Blacksmith Records has released numerous albums showcasing their dedication to metal fabrication – building solid soundtracks from raw talent.

Notable releases include Pete Rock's 2008 album under catalog number 3D80 and Talib Kweli's discography.

Expansion of Blacksmith Records to Germany

Like a blacksmith expanding his forge, Corey Smyth brought the label's unique sound to Germany in 2010. This international branch features artists like Arroganzlangname who continue to uphold the label's reputation for top-tier music production.

Blacksmith Records Physical Locations

While its roots are firmly planted in Harlem, New York City, Blacksmith also reaches out from its branch on W End Ave., Nashville TN. And let’s not forget about their presence across the Atlantic in Germany.

Availability of Blacksmith Music on Online Platforms

The soundtracks forged by this record label can be found smoldering on various online platforms such as SoundCloud. Here you can stream tracks or entire albums from your desktop or mobile devices.

Artists Management Role in the Music Industry

Blacksmith Records' impact extends beyond music production into artist management. They elevate artists' careers much like a blacksmith refining raw metal into beautiful ironwork.

Broad Discography of Diverse Genres by Blacksmith Records

The label boasts a broad discography spanning multiple genres reflecting their commitment to diversity just as a skilled smith works with different metals.

Deal with Rapper Vince Staples

In a noteworthy move, they signed rapper Vince Staples via their new venture with Capitol Music Group & Motown Records.

Music Launches under Corey Smyth, Founder’s Leadership

Under founder Corey Smyth’s leadership, many successful music launches have taken place solidifying its role as an influential force in today’s musical landscape.

The Significant Contribution to the Music Industry by Blacksmith Records'

Through meticulous craftsmanship akin to metalworking, Blacksmith Records', has made significant contributions both through its broad discography spanning multiple genres and through its artist management activities.