Big Beat Records (Record Label Info)

Big Beat Records
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NameBig Beat Records
FounderCraig Kallman
CountryUnited States
Main GenresElectronic, Dance, House, Hip Hop
Parent CompanyWarner Music Group, Atlantic Records
Notable Artists100 gecs, KUU, Ofenbach, Öwnboss x Sevek Whethan John Summit The Knocks SIDEPIECE
Iconic ReleasesKRAZ 2 by Kraze, ‘Open Our Eyes', ‘Make My Body Rock (Feel It)'
SubmissionsAccepts demo submissions for review
Online PresenceSoundCloud, YouTube
Special ProjectsIntergalactic-themed compilation album of tech house and house music
Current Involvement of FounderActive in Atlantic Records

History and Origin of Big Beat Records

A name that resonates with all lovers of electronic dance music, Big Beat Records is a prestigious American record label, synonymous with quality music.

Established in 1986 by an ambitious 22-year-old New York DJ, Craig Kallman, the label has etched its name in the annals of music history.

Originally an independent entity, Big Beat Records focused primarily on house music during its initial years. However, this was just the beginning of a remarkable journey.

Founder Craig Kallman: The Man Behind Big Beat Records

Craig Kallman's passion for music and his entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of Big Beat Records.

His vision and dedication have played a significant role in shaping it into what it is today – a platform which has nurtured various genres including breakbeat, electronica, techno, drum and bass, trip hop and acid house.

Big Beat Records: From House Music to Hip Hop

The label's versatility lies not just within the realm of house music but extends to hip hop as well. Through the years, Big Beat Records has evolved from being solely about house music to encompassing a diverse range of genres.

Relationship Between Warner Music Group, Atlantic Records, and Big Beat Records

In an important development for the label’s growth trajectory, Big Beat Records became part of Warner Music Group and now operates under Atlantic Records.

Iconic Artists and Bands Released by Big Beat Records

Over time, many artists have found their musical home at Big Beat. These include names like 100 gecs, KUU, Ofenbach among others who have greatly contributed to big beat music.

Noteworthy Releases Under the Label of Big Beat Records

As part of its discography are iconic releases such as KRAZ 2 by Kraze under Btech Sweden label and vinyl format tracks like ‘Open Our Eyes' or ‘Make My Body Rock (Feel It)' in the late 80s that made waves in electronic dance circles.

Big Beat's Demo Submissions: A Platform for Aspiring Artists

No artist begins big; everyone starts small. Recognizing this fact Big Beat, remains committed to supporting emerging talent by offering them a platform where they can submit their demo recordings for review.

Versatility in Music Styles at Big Beat Records

Versatility can be considered as one key attribute that sets this record label apart from others. With releases spanning across numerous styles such as electronica and acid house., it continues to shape diverse musical landscapes worldwide.

Online Presence of Big Beat Records on SoundCloud and YouTube

With its strong online presence on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube – which serve as platforms for showcasing tracks albums playlists on desktop mobile alike – it is able to connect with fans across the globe.

Innovative Endeavors: Intergalactic-Themed Compilation Album by the Label

Innovation is at heart at everything they do at Big beat records. Proving so is their intergalactic-themed compilation album featuring tech house tunes that was released daily!

Craig Kallman’s dedication towards promoting excellent music across multiple genres continues even after selling Big beat records to Atlantic records three decades ago. His influence continues to inspire musicians around the world today.