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Babygrande Records
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Record LabelBabygrande Records
FounderChuck Wilson
LocationNew York City
GenresHip-Hop, EDM, Indie Rock
Catalog SizeOver 3000 Albums
Years in OperationOver 15 Years
Office Address101 West 23rd Street Suite 296, New York City
Email[email protected]
Phone Number212.633.8835
Legal IssuesSued over unpaid royalties for Wiz Khalifa's album Deal or No Deal

Babygrande Records: The Premier Independent Record Label

Babygrande Records: An Overview

Meet Babygrande Records, an American independent record label that has been setting trends in the music industry since its inception.

Not just a record label, Babygrande is a creative collective based in the bustling heart of New York City.

Founded in 2001, it has become a home for many talented artists and creatives including musicians, filmmakers, photographers, painters and writers.

The Founding of Babygrande Records

The brain behind this entertainment company is none other than Chuck Wilson. Formerly a Director of A&R at Priority Records/EMI, Wilson decided to start his own independent label – thus Babygrande Records was born.

Musical Genres of Babygrande Records

Babygrande isn't confined to one genre or style. It operates across various musical landscapes including Hip-Hop, EDM, indie rock and more. This diversity has made it a go-to label for artists looking to push boundaries and explore new sounds.

Navigating the Evolving Music Industry: A Look at Babygrande's Success Story

Surviving as an independent record label in the rapidly changing music industry is no small feat. Yet, despite these challenges, Babygrande has thrived for over fifteen years.

They've brought innovative artists to mainstream audiences without compromising vision or integrity – a true testament to their dedication and resilience.

The Physical Location of the Babygrande Office

The creative hub of Babygrande is situated at 101 West 23rd Street Suite 296 in New York City. A place where artists come together to create magic.

Contact Details for Questions and Inquiries

If you want to know more about this entertainment powerhouse or have any questions, feel free to reach them via email at [email protected] or call them at 212.633.8835.

Legal Controversies Linked with Babygrande Records

No entity exists without its share of controversy. There have been legal issues linked with the company when it was sued over unpaid royalties for Wiz Khalifa's album Deal or No Deal by Malbon Brothers Farms that provided marketing services for Babygrande.

Babygrand: A Prominent Player in America's Independent Labels despite Controversies

Past controversies haven't deterred this hip hop record label. Despite everything, they continue their operations as one of America's leading independent labels.

Creativity and Integrity in Artist Development at Babygrand

Babygrand takes pride in nurturing talent and developing artists with creativity and integrity. From underground rap talents to independent artists exploring unique sounds – they've got it all under their umbrella.

Notable Albums, Music Videos, and Online Content by Babygrand Artists

Their impressive catalog boasts over 3000 albums, music videos and online content from their diverse roster of artistes – making them one of the most prolific entities in the music industry today.

What Sets Babygrand Apart from Other Independent Record Labels?

This isn't your ordinary record label – they're an institution that allows artists to express themselves freely while providing them with support and resources necessary for success. Truly a standout player among other independent labels!