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Record Label NameFounded InFounded ByOwned ByGenreNotable ArtistsCurrent Status
Arista Records1974Clive DavisSony Music EntertainmentPop Rock, Contemporary R&B, PopAlexa Cappelli, Ant Saunders, Ash Olsen, Audrey Nuna, Patti SmithActive
Parent CompanySubsidiariesPrevious AssociationsRecent SigningsDeactivation PeriodRe-establishmentChanges
Bertelsmann AGColpix Records, Colgems Records, Bell RecordsBMG EntertainmentLola Brooke20112018Merged with Sony Music Entertainment and BMG

Background of Arista Records

Arista Records is a well-established American record label, recognized as a division of BMG Entertainment. The label's history traces back to 1974 when it was founded as a subsidiary of the iconic Columbia.

Its inception saw the incorporation of several legacy labels from Columbia, including Colpix Records, Colgems Records, and Bell Records.

Parent Companies and Acquisition History

1979 marked a significant turning point for Arista as it was acquired by Bertelsmann AG, the parent company of the German label Ariola. Today, Arista is owned by Sony Music Entertainment, which itself is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America.

Incorporation of Columbia Legacy Labels

In its initial days, Arista incorporated various Columbia legacy labels into its operations. This strategic move paved the way for Arista to establish itself in the competitive music industry alongside other major players like Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group.

Arista's Relationship with Bertelsmann AG

The relationship between Arista and Bertelsmann AG began when Bertelsmann AG acquired Arista's parent company in 1979. This relationship allowed Arista to broaden its reach both domestically and internationally.

Focus on Genres and Notable Artists

Arista has always embraced diversity in music genres – from Pop Rock and Contemporary R&B to Pop. Over the years it has been home to numerous notable artists such as Alexa Cappelli, Ant Saunders, Ash Olsen and Audrey Nuna.

It stood shoulder-to-shoulder with other influential labels such as Capitol Records, Atlantic Records, Def Jam Recordings, and Interscope Records.

Role of Clive Davis in Arista's Foundation

Clive Davis, known for his exceptional talent spotting skills founded Arista in November 1974. His vision shaped the record label into what it is today.

Significance of Patti Smith's Signing to Arista Records

Under Davis' leadership, Patti Smith signed with Arista in 1975 releasing her celebrated debut album “Horses” that same year – a significant milestone in not just Smith's career but also for the label.

Period of Deactivation and Reestablishment under Sony Music Entertainment

Despite being deactivated in 2011 for some time, Arista made a comeback in 2018 under Sony Music Entertainment. It marked its return along with other esteemed labels like Epic Records, RCA Records and Columbia Records.

Demise and Impact of Arista Nashville Imprint

Arista Nashville imprint once boasted big names such as Brooks & Dunn, Old Dominion Carrie Underwood among others. However according to Sony Music officials this imprint has now been dissolved.

Evolution Post Sony-BMG Merger

The merging of Sony Music Entertainment with BMG led to several changes within Arista but did not deter its ability to release new music under its name or scout new talent.

Recent Signings: Introducing Lola Brooke

Proving its commitment towards nurturing new talent, Arista recently signed Brooklyn rapper Lola Brooke.

Relationship with RCA Music Group Prior to Dissolution

Before dissolution occurred within RCA Music Group as reported on Crunchbase funding profile – “Arista records operated under RCA Music Group”.