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Wave Themed Lyrics In The Style Of Kendrick Lamar

Verse 1:
Riding on the cusp, like a wave being birthed in the sea.
Every line I surf, got the wisdom of Kendrick in me.
In the deep I submerge, verses sink like a stone.
But rise to the surface, solid gold like a throne.

We ride these waves, don't let 'em crash us down
Voices raised high, we're more than just a sound

Verse 2:
Ink-dipped quill on this parchment of life,
Jotting down struggles, victories and strife.
Kendrick's fire in my soul fueling every rhyme,
Ride this wave with me through valleys and time.
Catch our breath, as we dive back under,
Words flow free like thunder:

We ride these waves, don't let 'em crash us down
Voices raised high, we're more than just a sound

This is our story told through verse and rhyme, On this endless wave of time.

Lyrics About Waves In The Style Of J-Cole

Feet in the sand, gaze at the sea,
like J-Cole, I let my thoughts free.
Riding my flow, just like a wave,
pain drowned deep in the salty grave.
Hear the ocean’s whisper, feel its vibe,
Like a scribe, note its stories, subscribe to its tribe.
Ride on its crest, crash on its trough,
In this wild world, it's raw and rough.
Waves keep coming, ain't no stopping,
J Cole style bars I'm dropping.
The sun sets, as waves retreat,
A rhythm divine, a melody sweet.
Chasing waves under starry dome, like J-Cole, I find my home.
Echoes of waves in beats and rhymes,

Transcend time – a poet's prime.

End of verse – let it sink in deep,
In hearts and minds – these words will seep.

21 Savage Rap Lyrics About Waves

Verse 1:
I'm the wave, Savage, not your average,
Knock you out your balance with a savage ravage.
Drown in this current, no boat and no carriage,
I spit these bars, and they cause damage.

21 tides crashing down your palace,
Show no fear; got my soul in waves it's callous.
With every hit, I rise like a tide, unchallenged,
These waves of mine ain't for the talentless.

I echo like the sea – they hear my rattle,
Riding these waves, life's a constant battle.
My words like water- they flow and prattle,

Catch these waves, or stay stuck in shallow?
21 Savage – I'm the captain of this galleon.

Eminem-Style Rap Lyrics About Waves

Riding the waves, I'm catching the tide,
On this endless journey, on life's rough ride.
Flow like water, I got that liquid stride,
In rapper’s ocean, where many have died.
I'm homing in, like a wave in motion,
Deeper than oceans, need no promotion.
Capturing energy like Bottled-up potion,
My words hit hard with explosive devotion.
Phonetic waves, they ripple and surge,
To the beat of my heart, they converge and merge.
Creating a rhythm, an auditory purge,
Clearing my soul where darkness did lurge. (lurk)

Riding the sonic wave, reaching new heights,
Underneath starlight on endless nights.
With bars so strong they could start fights,
Transmitting messages through cosmic flights.
Bringing heat with each verse that I engrave,
Words crashing down like a mammoth wave.
As real as the promise that I gave,
To keep pushing forward and always be brave.
Waves of sound as my lyrics parade
Moments captured within every serenade
Beneath moon's gaze or sun's blazing shade
In this rap ocean, my mark is made.
Like waves on sand leave their trace
My rhymes etch patterns in time's embrace.
Hard-hitting truth no one can erase,
In rap’s wide sea found my place.
Restless tide with no reprieve, These 32 bars, on this beat I weave.
Riding the waves, got no time to grieve, In rap's deep waters, I believe.

In The Style Of Drake

Yeah, I'm talking 'bout the waves,
I've been riding, never staying in safe lanes.
Ocean deep in my heart, got me feeling brave,
Just like the tide high, can’t be tamed.
I count blessings, not just gains,
My music flowing like waves on these plains.
Every beat is a ripple that stains,
In your mind and your soul it remains.

Saltwater dreams running through these veins,
Life's a beach with joy and pains.
In my zone, breaking chains,
With these rhymes that fall like rains.
We're talking about the waves so intricate,
Their rhythm is life's intimate certificate. It persists,
Unstoppable force, no need for any etiquette
Pulling you under, aren't they exquisite? Feel it yet?
The rush? The hype?No counterfeit
The crest of a wave, where we sit
This vibe, can anyone inhibit?

Waves ain't just water, they sound too,
My rhythm and flow, reaching out to you.
Waves don't stop or quit
They crash then rise; show some grit
Sound waves floating from my lips
Sparking brainwaves as they hit

Waves: a perfect metaphor for this life game,
Ups and downs but we ride 'em just the same.
We surf every wave, in this fame,
The world knows us by our name.
Remember homie it’s not about the claim,
It’s the journey, not just the aim.
Riding these waves, that’s the game,
And these waves will remember our name.