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No Limit Records
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NameNo Limit Records
FounderMaster P
OriginNew Orleans, Louisiana
Notable ArtistsSnoop Dogg, Mercedes, Silkk the Shocker, Mystikal, Mia X, Mac, C-Murder, Magic Romeo Miller, Fiend, Kane & Abel
Records SoldOver 70 million
Distribution DealsPriority Records, Universal, Koch Records
Sub-LabelNo Limit Forever Records
GenresSouthern Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap
Master RightsRetained 100% by No Limit Records
Sales RevenueReceived 85% of sales
LegacyOne of the most successful hip-hop labels in America

Foundation of No Limit Records

Bursting onto the scene in 1990, No Limit Records was the brainchild of an entrepreneurial maverick from New Orleans, Louisiana; none other than Master P.

This music label started as a humble record shop and soon grew into the influential powerhouse known as No Limit Enterprises.

Master P: The Mastermind Behind No Limit Records

Master P, a renowned rapper and record producer, is the force behind this independent label. His business acumen and creative vision steered No Limit Records towards becoming an unforgettable name in the world of New Orleans hip hop.

Notable Artists Signed to No Limit Records

The roster at No Limit Records boasted some big names in the world of rap music. From Snoop Dogg to Mercedes, Silkk the Shocker to Mystikal, and Mia X to Mac – this record company was home to them all. Other notables included C-Murder, Magic Romeo Miller (Master P's son), Fiend, and Kane & Abel.

Distribution Partnerships: Priority, Universal, and Koch Records

Despite being an independent label, No Limit had distribution partnerships with major players like Priority Records which housed numerous gold and platinum-selling artists. Deals were also struck with Universal and Koch records, cementing its place in the hip hop industry.

No Limit's Massive Record Sales

No small feat for any music label – let alone an independent one – but according to several reliable sources including Hip Hop Wiki – Fandom page on No Limit Records as well as BET’s ‘No Limit Chronicles’ article; this southern rap label sold over 70 million records during its active years.

The Remarkable EMI/Priority Deal

In 1996, Master P inked a groundbreaking deal with EMI/Priority records which rocketed his beloved label into becoming one of America's most successful hip-hop labels. This deal was legendary because it allowed No Limit to retain 100% of their masters while receiving 85% of their sales.

Introduction of Sub-Label: No Limit Forever Records

In keeping with its forward momentum, Romeo Miller (Master P’s son) launched a sub-label called “No limit forever”. Today Romeo serves as Vice president for this vibrant new branch.

Ventures Beyond Music: Film Production at No Limit

Master P wasn't just satisfied with conquering the world of rap music. He extended his empire into film production under the same banner.

Musical Genres Produced by No limit Records

This iconic New Orleans based music label is famous for producing Southern Hip Hop & Gangsta Rap genres among others.

Developing a Unique Vision for the Label

With limited resources compared to his contemporaries' promotional budgets, Master P focused on building loyalty among his fan base through unique album cover art designs which became iconic over time.

This strategy paid off handsomely creating a loyal fanbase resulting in high volumes of sales without heavy radio or video airplay.