Focal Shape 65 vs M-Audio BX4: Detailed Speaker Comparison – 2024 Guide

You're ready to make a big purchase, but you're having trouble deciding between these two powerhouses, the Focal Shape 65 and the M-Audio BX4.

Trust me, I know how difficult that decision is… especially if you have no plans on whipping out that dreaded return postage label!

You know how the saying goes, buy right, buy once! Or something like that…

Either way, I've got you covered!

I've broken down the good, the bad and the ugly of these babies, so providing you have a clear idea of exactly what you plan on doing with it, you will have a clear idea on which one is best for you, by the end of this article.

Let get into it…

Focal Shape 65 vs M Audio BX4

At A Glance:

Focal Shape 65


Focal Shape 65 Pros & Cons

  • Pros:
  • High quality sound.
  • Provides more midrange detail, extended top end, faster woofer speed and more natural sounding bass.
  • Can be used for many hours without causing fatigue.
  • Wide imaging sweet spot.
  • Auto on/off feature is less finicky compared to previous models.
  • Great investment despite being pricey.
  • Amazing detail in both higher and lower range frequencies.
  • Allows for faster work due to their accuracy and reliability.
  • Sound translates very well on other playback devices.
  • Cons:
  • On & off switch is not located in front.
  • No volume control on the units, it needs to be adjusted through mixer or sound card.
  • May produce a jolt if left idle for a while.
  • More expensive than initially budgeted for.

M-Audio BX4

arrow vs this

M-Audio BX4 Pros & Cons

  • The speakers are loud and clear
  • Multiple inputs, especially the BALANCED 1/4” TBS jacks
  • Low profile look
  • Powerful studio speakers
  • Priced high
  • Chief complaint is with the cables
  • 3.5 to 3.5 plug generates a loud buzz when connected to a computer with a metal chassis
  • Cheap RCA cables produce bad buzz and ground issues
  • Studio monitors designed for professional audio use
  • Ability to power off on the volume knob
  • Sound superb for what you paid
  • Aux cannot be plugged in all the time
  • Volume knob has limited range
  • Connection between speakers using a TS 3.5mm cord is too short
  • High quality, powerful, and clear sounding speakers
  • All the connections you'll ever need
  • High & low shelving EQ's are a great inclusion
  • Disconnect the Aux plug for Bluetooth to work
  • Boosting the Bass or Treble controls can affect the mix
  • Surprisingly loud and reproduce more bass than their small size would indicate
  • Highly recommended

Key Differences Between The Focal Shape 65 And The M-Audio BX4

Focal Shape 65 vs M-Audio BX4

The main differences between Focal Shape 65 and M-Audio BX4 are centered around user needs, budgets, and specific feature sets.

Focal Shape 65 is a mid-range studio monitor recognized for outstanding performance in home recording studios. It features a 2-way powered studio monitor with a 6.5″ Flax Cone Woofer and a 1″ M-profile Aluminum-magnesium Inverted-dome Tweeter, which ensures a clear frequency response from 40Hz to 35kHz.

Some users noted that it might sound stiff at the start, but its performance improves significantly after several hours of usage. One of its significant benefits is its adaptability – the monitor settings can be tweaked according to your room's acoustics.

Conversely, M-Audio BX4 is highly recommended as one of the best budget monitors available. Its versatility makes it perfect for multiple media-related activities such as live streaming, gaming, content creation, music production, movie watching or simply listening to favorite music tracks.
Despite being compact and cost-friendly, users have praised its excellent sound delivery quality. However, its sonic detail might not match larger speakers' especially in bass tones due to size constraints.
The M-Audio BX4 setup includes one primary speaker paired with another secondary speaker.

In conclusion:

  • If you're searching for reliable mid-price range monitors that offer great detail and adjustability according to your room's acoustic setting then Focal Shape 65 would be an ideal choice.
  • If budget constraints are an issue or if you require versatile speakers suitable for multimedia activities then M-Audio BX4 would serve your needs perfectly.

This table presents the main differences in terms of tweeter directivity, port design, settings, cone material, fastening mechanisms, output wattage, power source type, and special features.

SpecificationsFocal Shape 65M-Audio BX4
Tweeter DirectivityLowComputer-optimized tweeter waveguide
Port DesignDesigned without a portBass reflex design for deep, rich sound
SettingsNumerous settings for optimal integration & accurate controlHigh & Low EQ for dialing in the perfect sound
Cone MaterialFlax sandwich cone4.5” Kevlar low frequency drivers and 1” natural silk dome tweeters
Fastening MechanismsPresent on the back and underneath the loudspeakerNot specified
Output Wattage220.0 watts120-Watt
Power Source TypeCorded ElectricCorded Electric
Special FeaturesCan be installed on the ceiling or a wallOffers complete hook-up flexibility, includes AKAI Professional's MPC Beats Software

What You Need To Know About Focal Shape 65

The Focal Shape 65 is an impressive loudspeaker that dishes out up to 220.0 watts of power. It's designed with special attention to detail, offering a low tweeter directivity which allows for a flexible listening position. You'll experience controlled and articulated bass, detailed mid-range registers, and accurate control even at the very high end.

One cool feature of the Shape 65 is its unique design that doesn't include a port. This means you can place it near a wall without worrying about sound distortion or loss of audio quality. Plus, it has numerous settings that help you integrate the speaker into your space optimally.

The speaker is also highly versatile when it comes to installation options. It has fastening mechanisms at the back and underneath, making it suitable for both ceiling and wall mounts (please note though, mounting accessories are not included in the package).

This powerhouse runs on corded electric power source type – just plug it in and let the music flow! Enjoy every beat of your favorite songs with Shape 65's natural and detailed sound output.

My 1 Month Review Of The Focal Shape 65

My 1 Month Review Of The Focal Shape 65

Initial Impressions

When I first got the Focal Shape 65, I was genuinely taken aback by the sheer beauty of their design. These monitors are not just sleek but also ooze a certain premium quality that sets them apart from others in the market. Their modern, minimalistic appeal was incredibly appealing to my aesthetics.

The Sound Quality

If you think the design is what makes the Focal Shape 65 stand out, wait until you hear these babies sing. The sound quality is top-notch! After a month of use, I've found them to provide balanced and accurate audio reproduction.
The lows are super tight and don’t overwhelm other frequencies at all. The mid-range is precise and detailed–you can clearly hear all instruments, vocals and even subtle nuances in tracks.
What surprised me most was how incredibly sharp and clear the high frequencies were with no hint of sharpness or harshness even at higher volumes.

• Tight lows
• Detailed mids
• Clear highs

The ‘Feel’ Of Using Them

Using Focal Shape 65 has been an absolute pleasure. The controls are user-friendly, making it remarkably easy to get along with these speakers from day one. Furthermore, the power on/off switch on the front panel is such a simple yet clever feature that saves you from a lot of hassle.

Durability And Reliability

I am thoroughly impressed by their solid build which ascertains me of their durability and reliability for long term use. Let's talk about something that not many do – heat dissipation. After hours of usage, even at high volumes, I noticed little to no heat accumulation.This tells you about the thoughtful engineering that’s gone into designing these monitors.

What Could Be Better?

Focal Shape 65 isn’t without its flaws though; there’s always room for improvement in any product! One thing I wish was better –the price.
They're quite expensive compared to other similar monitors on the market so affordability might be an issue for some.

In conclusion, after using this beast for a month now, buying Focal Shape 65 has been totally worth it! It's a blend of flawless audio performance coupled with aesthetic design making it more than just another set of speakers. It's like having my own little concert hall right here in my studio!

What You Need To Know About M-Audio BX4

The M-Audio BX4 is a powerful 120-Watt desktop computer speaker that delivers top-notch studio monitor sound. It's an excellent choice for a broad range of audio activities, including gaming, podcasting, streaming DJ performances, and more. These studio speakers are designed with premium components, like an Acoustically-inert MDF cabinet and bass reflex design, which work together to produce deep and rich sound.

The speakers feature 4.5” Kevlar low frequency drivers and 1” natural silk dome tweeters that further enhance the audio quality. You also get computer-optimized tweeter waveguide for precise imaging and High & Low EQ to dial in the perfect sound. With rear ports included in the design for extended bass response, your listening experience becomes immersive.

What makes the M-Audio BX4 even more appealing is its versatility. Whether you need gaming speakers, DJ speakers, PC speakers, record player speakers or studio speakers – these provide complete hook-up flexibility through their 1/4”, 1/8”and RCA inputs.

With your purchase of M-Audio BX4 comes everything you need: one passive speaker, one active speaker, a 1/8” speaker cable along with a 1/8” to RCA cable. Also bundled in is AKAI Professional's MPC Beats to ensure you have all necessary tools for an unparalleled auditory experience.

My 1 Month Review Of The M-Audio BX4

My 1 Month Review Of The M-Audio BX4

Sound Quality

After a month of testing the M-Audio BX4, here are my thoughts. The sound quality of these speakers genuinely blew me away. I've had several budget studio monitors over the years, but none actually came close to these in terms of clarity and balance. The lows are deep and resonant without being overwhelming, the mids are full and rich, and the highs sparkle without becoming shrill.

In terms of volume, they're remarkably potent for their compact size. I was able to fill up my home studio easily without any distortion or loss in sound quality.

Mixing became a whole new experience with these monitors. Every detail was laid bare, allowing me to make precise adjustments that elevated my tracks beyond what I thought possible.

Design & Build Quality

The build quality is another part where M-Audio BX4 shines. They feel solidly built with a reassuring weightiness that speaks to their durability. The matte black finish gives them a sleek look which fits perfectly into any studio aesthetic.

I also appreciated the inclusion of isolation pads. They do an excellent job reducing vibrations when things get loud and improve overall sound clarity.

User Experience

Setting up the M-Audio BX4 was easy peasy. It's good that they included all necessary cables right out of the box – no need for additional purchases.

Their back-panel connections gave me all the flexibility I needed to connect my gear seamlessly. Whether it's connecting directly to my laptop or mixing console, everything plugged in neatly.

The front panel volume control is handy too. No need for reaching around or figuring out your audio interface’s software mixer every time you want to tweak your levels.

The Verdict after a Month

I must say; it's been an absolute pleasure using the M-Audio BX4 over this past month. They've played an essential role in enhancing both my music production and listening experience.

To anyone considering investing in budget-friendly studio monitors without compromising on sound quality – consider these diamond performers! You'll thank yourself later when you find out what they bring to your desk.

– Exceptional sound quality
– Solid build
– Easy setup & use
– Included isolation pads

Surely worth considering if you're on a budget yet still seeking top-notch audio performance!

Who The Focal Shape 65 Is For & Why You Might Choose It Over The M-Audio BX4

Who The Focal Shape 65 Is For & Why You Might Choose It Over The M-Audio BX4

Who is Focal Shape 65 for?
The Focal Shape 65 is primarily a choice of the discerning audiophile, music producers, and sound engineers who value quality, clarity, and detail in their audio output.

If you're someone working in a home or professional studio setting extensively involved in mixing and mastering tracks or simply a music enthusiast desiring high-fidelity sound reproduction, this product is designed keeping your needs in mind.

Why Choose Focal Shape 65?
Several reasons might influence your decision to choose Focal Shape 65:

High-Quality Sound: The midrange detail and extended top end offered by these speakers make them stand out. You will notice more natural sounding bass as well as woofer speed.

Detailed Sonics: A better understanding of what's happening with the EQ's and compressors in the mix can be achieved due to its precision. It helps you dig out every minute detail from your mixes.

User Comfort: It offers non-fatiguing sound which makes it a delight for long hours of listening.

Better Auditory Imaging: Focal Shape 65’s provides wider imaging sweet spot reveals what each element like vocal placement or instrumental positioning is doing within any sonic arrangement. This aspect becomes highly important for studio professionals.

Suitable for Small Spaces: These monitors have proven their effectiveness even in smaller spaces like home studios.

However, it's important to consider that some users find the auto on/off feature slightly finicky at first but report getting used to it over time.

One minor point to note though is that they come with their on & off switch positioned at the back which could have been more conveniently placed at the front, along with volume controls.

Remember, investing in Focal Shape 65 might be pricey but if you are all about detailed audio output without compromising on comfort during long hours of work or enjoyment then this might just be your perfect companion!

Who The M-Audio BX4 Is For & Why You Might Choose It Over The Focal Shape 65

Who The M-Audio BX4 Is For & Why You Might Choose It Over The Focal Shape 65

The M-Audio BX4 is a high-quality speaker specially designed for professional audio use, particularly in a studio environment. If you are someone who is looking to produce or mix music on a proficient level, this device might be your ideal pick.

Why Choose M-Audio BX4?

  • One of the key reasons to choose this studio monitor over other desktop speakers lies in its BALANCED 1/4” TBS jacks.
  • This particular feature allows for a balanced connection, which eliminates hum and interference, ensuring impeccable sound quality.
  • If you need powerful speakers that can provide loud and clear sounds, the M-Audio BX4 outshines others within its price range.
  • The presence of multiple inputs makes it quite versatile as well.

However, remember that this is not just an ordinary desktop speaker. The device requires a balanced connection using quality 1/4 inch TBS to 1/4 inch TBS cables running to an audio interface like the M-Audio M-Track Duo or Solo. If you're thinking of plugging it directly into your computer jack with cheap RCA cables, be ready for buzz and ground issues.

Furthermore, according to review data:

  • The speakers deliver impressive bass performance and have knobs to control lows and highs – features purchasers appreciated.
  • An additional convenience is the power-off option on the volume knob.

Keep in mind that some users reported issues with AUX input availability all time causing inconvenience when needing to unplug devices. Additionally, there were complaints on volume control; on going above 1/4 of the total knob range resulted in overly loud distorted sounds.

If you enjoy mixing music and require high power delivery from your speakers along with clear sound reproduction – these studio monitors are recommended by users.

If the Focal Shape 65 vs M-Audio BX4 comparison in this post hasn't quite hit the mark for you, don't worry – I've got plenty more comparisons for you to peruse. For example, I've contrasted the Focal Shape 65 with many other top-quality audio equipment alternatives.

You can check out my detailed breakdowns of Focal Shape 65 vs Neumann KH120, Focal Shape 65 vs Yamaha HS5, and Focal Shape 65 vs Kali Audio LP-6 V2. If none of those meet your needs, I also have a post on Focal Shape 65 vs Genelec 8010A.

Happy hunting as you find the audio equipment that meets your needs!


What are some of the specific features that make Focal Shape 65 a good fit for home recording studios?

The Focal Shape 65 has several features that make it ideal for home recording studios. First, it has a 6.5″ Flax Cone Woofer and a 1″ M-profile Aluminum-magnesium Inverted-dome Tweeter, ensuring excellent sound delivery across a broad frequency range (40Hz to 35kHz). Additionally, its sound quality significantly improves after several hours of usage, providing an optimal listening experience over time. Importantly, the monitor can be easily adjusted according to your room's acoustics, which is particularly useful in home studios where space and acoustic conditions can vary greatly.

I am on a budget but I also want good audio quality in my speakers. How does M-Audio BX4 manage to deliver this?

Despite being positioned as one of the best budget monitors on the market, The M-Audio BX4 doesn't compromise on delivering excellent sound. It is designed with one primary speaker paired with another secondary speaker – this creates an effective distribution of sound and delivers impressive sonic detail for its size and price point. While they might not match larger speakers' bass tones specifically, many users have still praised their overall excellent sound delivery. This makes them ideal for activities like live streaming or producing music as well as enjoying multimedia content.

If I choose either Focal Shape 65 or M-Audio BX4 for my studio/room setup, what should be kept in mind regarding their positioning?

Regardless if you choose Focal Shape 65 or M-Audio BX4 monitors; position plays an important role in achieving optimum performance from studio monitors.
For instance; keeping them at ear level will help achieve better audio quality.
In case you choose Focal Shape 65; since they can be easily fine-tuned according to room acoustics feel free to experiment with different placements until desired results achieved.
On other hand; given their lightweight nature; people choosing M-Audio Bx4 have flexibility to reposition these across different setups due to its compact build without worrying about heavy lifting or occupying much space.

Buyer's Guide: Important Things To Consider & Look Out For When Buying Speakers

1. Determine the Purpose of Your Studio Monitors

The first step towards choosing the perfect monitor speakers is understanding your specific needs. Are you a professional music producer seeking authentic sound accuracy or do you need speakers for a home studio setup? Your usage largely determines the speaker comparison process, influencing factors like power output and frequency response.

2. Review Audio Quality and Sound Accuracy

We all know that excellent audio quality is paramount for any type of speaker. But when it comes to studio monitors, sound accuracy holds equal weightage.

Realistic sound reproduction ensures that any tweaks made to the audio match accurately across all playback devices. Saying yes to speakers with fantastic audio quality and flawless sound accuracy will definitely elevate your mixing game!

3. Consider Frequency Response Carefully

The technical specs matter! In particular, pay close attention to frequency response when selecting your studio monitors as it affects the overall sound reproduction capacity of the speaker system.

A broader frequency range often provides a more detailed sonic picture, revealing delicate nuances in high-end clarity or low-end extension.

4.Go For Monitors with Extensive Low-End Extension

If deep bass sounds are important in your mixes, then choosing monitor speakers with impressive low-end extension should be a priority in your buying decision. Remember: some smaller models might not be able to reach these low frequencies accurately due to their compact size – another factor you'll need consider during your speaker comparison.

5.Prioritize High-End Clarity

High frequencies matter too! An often overlooked factor while buying monitor speakers online is high-end clarity – those crisp sounds that lend an edge of precision and detail to any track played on them. Studio monitors equipped with good high-end clarity, married with low-frequency capabilities can truly deliver an immersive sound experience!

6.Weigh Power Output Against Your Needs

Power isn't just about volume; it's also closely linked with distortion levels at higher volumes within studio monitors – think cleaner sounds even when cranked up loud!

When starting your search for new speakers online, bearing power output-related factors in mind helps zero-in on models capable of delivering optimal performance minus any distortion issues.

7.Consider The Size Of The Monitor Speakers

While most folks might lean towards larger models assuming they provide better audio quality; truth is smaller, more compact size monitors also pack quite a punch without taking up much space in your setup area! So before hitting ‘Buy', measure out space where these will live first – ensuring fitment won’t become an issue post-purchase.

Remember these seven tips as you embark upon this journey toward perfecting your musical realm — because every note matters!

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