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Aftermath Entertainment
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NameAftermath Entertainment
Founded byDr. Dre
Year Founded1996
Parent CompanyUniversal Music Group's Interscope Geffen A&M
ArtistsEminem, Kendrick Lamar, Jon Connor, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Game and others
Associated GenresPop Rap, West Coast Hip Hop, Hardcore Hip Hop
Additional ActivitiesRetail expansion, Wholesale distribution
LocationsNew York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Amsterdam, Tokyo
Contact Address2220 Colorado Blvd., 5th Floor Santa Monica
Significant ContributionsSigning artists who become global sensations like Eminem, contributing significantly to hip hop music

Foundation of Aftermath Entertainment and Dr. Dre's Influence

Founded in 1996 by the iconic hip hop artist and producer, Dr. Dre, Aftermath Entertainment emerged as a prestigious record label in the hip-hop industry.

The inception of this music production company was catalyzed by Dr. Dre's decision to part ways with Death Row Records.

With its unique fusion of creativity, artist development, and Dr. Dre's unparalleled touch on music production, Aftermath Entertainment set a new high for rap music.

Subsidiary Role and Connection with Interscope Geffen A&M

Operating as a subsidiary of the Universal Music Group's Interscope Geffen A&M conglomerate, Aftermath Entertainment extends its reach far into the global market.

This strategic tie-up solidifies the record label’s prominence in the industry while giving it access to an expansive network.

Notable Artists Signed Under Aftermath Entertainment

Over time, this emblematic label has nurtured numerous renowned artists who have shaped our understanding of contemporary rap music such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar along with other noteworthy figures like Jon Connor and Game among others.

How Creativity Shaped the Unique Sound of Aftermath Entertainment

Creativity is at heart of what defines Aftermath Entertainment’s unique West Coast sound – where fresh material meets remarkable production techniques honed by a musical genius like Dr.Dre.

Genres Associated with Aftermath Entertainment

Rap Music,, Pop Rap, West Coast Hip Hop and Hardcore Hip Hop are some genres intrinsically linked to this renowned record label . Its focus on broadening horizons has given rise to diverse sounds attributed to each signed artist.

Retail Expansion and Growth of Aftermath Entertainment

Moving beyond typical boundaries for a record label , Aftermath Entertainment stretches its activities into retail sectors from cosmopolitan cities like New York or Los Angeles to global melting pots like Amsterdam or Tokyo while also establishing itself as a premier wholesale distribution company.

The company’ headquarters is located at 2220 Colorado Blvd., 5th Floor Santa Monica – becomes an epitome for celebration filled with anecdotes not just about artists but also about every soul working hard behind-the-scenes.

The Breakthrough Success Story of Eminem Under Aftermath Entertainment

One remarkable chapter in their journey was when they signed Eminem – transforming his career trajectory significantly during times when white rappers weren't widely recognized within the industry.

By constantly challenging conventions through innovative approach taken under Dr. Dre's Leadership they continue to shape up new paths within hip hop industry catering worldwide listeners expanding influence over modern-day pop culture patterns subtly yet fundamentally influencing lifestyle choices across broader spectra;

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