Why Do Singers Hold Their Ear?

Have you ever wondered why singers hold their ear? It seems like a strange thing to do, especially when they are performing on stage. Well, there is a reason why they do this! In this blog post, we will discuss the reasons why singers hold their ear and what it means for their performance. We will also look at some famous singers who have been known to use this technique!

Why Do Singers Hold Their Ear?

Why Do Singers hold Their Ear While Singing?

Singing is a complex process that relies on many different muscle groups working together. The vocal cords vibrate to create sound, while the muscles of the larynx and diaphragm control the pitch and volume. The mouth and nose act as resonators, shaping the sound as it travels out into the world. In order to produce the best possible sound, singers need to be aware of how all of these elements are working together. One way to do this is by holding their hand up to their ear. This allows them to hear their own voice more clearly and make adjustments accordingly.

Additionally, there are a few other reasons why singers might hold their ear while performing:

To Hear Their Voice Better

To hear their voices better

One reason is that it can help them to better hear their own voice. This is especially true for singers who are performing in a large venue or theatre. By holding their ear, they can better hear the sound of their own voice and make any necessary adjustments.

It is difficult to hear your own voice when you are surrounded by other noise. This is why singers often use headphones or in-ear monitors to hear themselves while they are performing. However, these can be expensive and may not be available in all venues. Holding your ear is a cheaper and more convenient way to achieve the same goal!

To Improve Their Posture

To help improve posture

Another reason why singers hold their ear is to improve their posture. Good posture is essential for singing, as it allows the muscles to work together more efficiently. This way, singers can ensure that they are standing up straight and not slouching. This will help them to sing with more power and control.

To Avoid Feedback

To avoid feedback

Feedback is a common problem for singers, especially when performing with microphones. This is when the sound from the speakers starts to feedback into the microphone, causing a loud and unpleasant noise. Singers can avoid this by holding their ear, as it allows them to hear the sound of their own voice without the feedback.


There are a number of reasons why singers hold their ear while singing. For some, it helps them to better hear their own voice. Others use it to improve their posture or avoid feedback. Whatever the reason, it is clear that this is a common and useful technique for singers!

Do you use this technique when you sing? Let us know in the comments below!


Does Holding Your Ear Affect Your Singing Voice?

The answer is a little complicated. While the act of holding your ear will not directly impact your vocal cords or singing voice, it can help you to hear yourself better. This is why many singers choose to hold their hand (or even a microphone) up to their ear while they are performing.

What Are Some of The Causes of Feedback?

Feedback is caused when the sound from the PA system is picked up by the microphone and then amplified again. This can happen if the microphone is placed too close to the speakers or if there is a delay in the sound system. Feedback can also be caused by background noise, such as from people talking or moving around in the room.

How Can Holding Your Ear Help to Improve Your Posture?

When you hold your ear, it helps to open up your chest and allows you to take a deep breath. This deep breath can then help to improve your posture. Additionally, holding your ear can also help to prevent you from hunching over. By keeping your chest open and shoulders back, you will be able to stand up straighter