Led Zeppelin Record Label: Who Are They Signed To? 2024 Deal Info & Past Contracts

Curious about what record label Led Zeppelin is signed to? Want to know all about past deals, releases, net worth, and Their masters ownership?  Whether you are an artist yourself, hoping to follow in Led Zeppelin's footsteps, or you are a curious music lover… You're in the right place! In this post, we are exploring all of that and more, so scroll on 🙂 …  

Who are Led Zeppelin Signed To?

Atlantic Records: Led Zeppelin, once known as the New Yardbirds, acquired a contract with Atlantic Records that allowed them a great level of creative flexibility. They were initially despised by critics, but with eight studio albums released over 10 years, they experienced great financial success. Led Zeppelin, their debut album from 1969, reached the top ten in a number of countries and included songs like “Good Times Bad Times,” “Dazed and Confused,” and “Communication Breakdown.” Their first number-one album, Led Zeppelin II (1969), produced the singles “Ramble On” and “Whole Lotta Love.” Led Zeppelin III, which included “Immigrant Song,” was released in 1970. In November 1968, Grant signed a $143,000 advance contract with Atlantic Records (equivalent to $1,114,000 today), which was the largest deal of its kind for a brand-new band at the time. Atlantic was a record company that mostly released blues, jazz, and soul musicians; however, in the late 1960s, it started to show interest in British progressive rock bands. Record executives signed Led Zeppelin without ever having seen them on the advice of British singer Dusty Springfield, a friend of Jones who at the time was finishing her first Atlantic album, Dusty in Memphis.

Artist Background: Led Zeppelin's Previous Record Labels & Contracts

They do not have any previous record label deals. Their deal with Atlantic Records remain to be their record label deal. It is also the first record label deal that they got. However, as individuals they have different ventures before they were able to form their band.    

Awards: Led Zeppelin's Achievements

A string of record-breaking tours in the latter half of their career gave the band a reputation for excess and extravagance. Even though they continued to enjoy financial and critical success, the band's touring and production, which produced the albums Presence (1976) and In Through the Out Door (1979), became increasingly constrained. After Bonham passed away in 1980, the group broke up. Since then, the remaining ex-members have occasionally worked together and taken part in one-time reunions. The Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert in London in 2007 featuring Bonham's son Jason Bonham on drums was the most popular of them. One of the most successful musical acts of all time, Led Zeppelin is thought to have sold between 200 and 300 million records globally. They had five of their albums certified as Diamond in the US, and they had eight straight UK number-one albums as well as six number-one albums on the US Billboard 200. They were referred to be “the largest band of the Seventies,” “the heaviest band of all time,” and “unquestionably one of the most lasting bands in rock history” by Rolling Stone magazine. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, and according to the band's biography there, the 1970s saw them have “as much influence” as the 1960s did.  

How Did Led Zeppelin Get Famous?

They were small time artists before they formed the band. Some of them were able to have tours and gigs before. Then, their career winded down. However, Jimmy Page formed another line up for the band. Then, they started playing together in small spaces. They also independently started recording their songs. After that, they secure a record label deal with Atlantic Records.  

Does Led Zeppelin Write Their Own Songs?

Particularly early in their career, Page composed the majority of Led Zeppelin's music, while Plant composed the majority of their lyrics. Later, Jones' keyboard-based compositions became the foundation of their music, which increasingly experimented.  

What is Led Zeppelin's Net Worth?

The band's drummer, John Bonham, played in every Led Zeppelin effort until his passing in 1980, and as of 2022, their net worth is estimated to be approximately $900 million USD. John Bonham, a member of Led Zeppelin, has a $10 million net worth. John Paul, the famed band's bassist, also played throughout the entire Led Zeppelin record. John Paul Jones, a member of Led Zeppelin, appears to have a net worth of $90 million as of the year 2022. Jimmy Page, the guitarist for Led Zeppelin, currently has a net worth of about $200 million USD. Finally, in addition to his vast record, Robert Plant evidently chooses to spend his riches on his enormous collections of pricey automobiles and guitars. Robert Plant, a member of Led Zeppelin, appears to have a net worth of $220 million as of 2022, making him the richest member of the band.  

Other Artists Signed To Atlantic Records

  • Jack Harlow
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  • and many more are under Atlantic Records

Does Led Zeppelin Own Their Masters?

Superhype Tapes, founded weeks before Led Zeppelin's debut album was released on October 22, 1968, has long served as a key part of the band's corporate empire. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, the band's two founding members, remain on the corporate board and technically own the song masters. This makes Superhype Tapes one of the most important corporate organisations for Led Zeppelin in the UK, managing their music publishing and owning international trademarks for the band's name.

The Wrap Up

There you have it! I'm curious, was that what you expected from Led Zeppelin? Let me know in the comment section… To stay up to date with Led Zeppelin be sure to follow the official Led Zeppelin Twitter Page and the Led Zeppelin Youtube Channel for all of the latest Led Zeppelin events! Record labels can be very complicated, and there are so many different types of record deals and contracts to be aware of. If you are an artist yourself, exploring possible options for your career, you might wanna check out our example record deal contracts to stay in the know – record label scams are rampant in the industry, sadly.   Not surprisingly, many artists are choosing to stay independent and start an independent record label – we at Industry Hackerz are ALL for that; whatever route gets you to where you want to go! We also have free music licensing templates that you can download and use if you do go that route; protect yourself, always.

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