Who Is Kodak Black Signed To? (2024) Past & Present Record Label Deals

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding controversial North Texas rapper 2G.Kaash for the last few years. Around this time last year, the Irving native was sitting in a cell fighting for his life, facing anywhere from five to 99 years behind bars. 

After ruling the case self-defense, a grand jury released him in May 2021. By partnering with Atlantic Records and Sniper Gang Records, the multi-platinum-selling recording artist Kodak Black label, he's putting the past behind him and starting a new chapter in his career.

But is he still signed to Sniper Gang Records? Today we find out.

Who Is Kodak Black Signed To? (2024) Past & Present Record Label Deals

So, Who Is Kodak Black Signed To?

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As of 2022, Kodak Black is signed to Atlantic Records. According to Wikipedia, he has also been associated with Dollaz N Dealz, and Sniper Gang.

How Did Kodak Black Get Out of His Old Record Deal?

The “Tunnel Vision” rapper was sued in December 2016 over a breach of contract by his former Florida-based record label. At the age of 16, Black signed a deal with Dollaz N Dealz. 

According to him, the company failed to fulfill certain financial obligations. Originally, the label offered him regular payments and accounting services. Furthermore, Black revealed that the record label tricked him into signing his contract without an attorney.

Due to AC Julien's incarceration over the years leading up to the trial, he was unable to fulfill his promises to the rapper who had also been incarcerated at the time. As a result of the settlement outside of court, the judge threw out the case against Dollaz N Dealz for breach of contract. 

When Did Kodac Black Sign With Atlantic Records?

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Atlantic Records signed Black in 2015. According to the Billboard Hot 100, at the time “Tunnel Vision” sat at No. 6. On March 31, 2017, Black released his debut album Painting Pictures under Sniper Gang, Dollaz N Dealz Entertainment, and Atlantic Records. 

Why Did Kodak Black Pass on a Record Deal With Birdman?

Birdman was looking to sign Kodak Black to Cash Money before he signed with Atlantic. A new Whoolywood Shuffle session with DJ Whoo Kid on Wednesday (Dec. 19, 2018) shed light on why the rapper passed on Birdman's deal.

Rapper Kodak Black turned down Birdman after hearing about his shady business dealings including his legal battle with Lil Wayne, in which Weezy claimed to not be receiving profits. Having heard rumors regarding Birdman, Kodak compared them to hearing about the medical history of a woman.

Does Kodak Black Own His Masters?

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There is no information online to indicate that Kodak Black owns his masters, however seeing he is still signed to Atalntic which is a major record label it is safe to assume that they own the rights to his music.

Does Kodak Black Like His Current Position With Atlantic?

Yes. After Kodak Black gifted Ed Sheeran an 1800 Block chain, the Pompano Beach rapper took to Twitter on Monday (February 28) to encourage other fellow artists to sign to Atlantic Records.

Several rappers have accused Atlantic Records of blackballing them in recent months, including Meek Mill and NBA YoungBoy, who have been vocal about Atlantic's transgressions.

It's curious that Kodak is vocally supporting Atlantic after making Lil Durk the only feature on his latest album Back For Everything. Since Durk is currently engaged in a heated beef with NBA YoungBoy, some fans interpreted Kodak's appearance on Back For Everything as a sign that he was siding with Durk.

What is Kodak Black’s Net Worth

Kodak Black's net worth was $600,000 as of March 1, 2021. Rapping accounts for a considerable portion of Kodak's wealth.

Concerts are also a source of income for Kodak Black in addition to album and record sales. The Dying to Live Tour (2019) has been his only tour since then.

Rapper Sniper Gang is a successful investor and has founded several successful companies, including the Pompano Gators youth football league and a clothing line. The majority of his clothing line consists of shirts, gloves, sweatpants, hoodies, face masks.

Why Is Kodak Black Encouraging New Artists to Sign to Atlantic? 

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Labels never let you in on what's going on behind closed doors. Artists always seem to support how labels run their businesses, while others report being sidelined and ultimately having their careers destroyed.

Just a few days after Kodak Black gave an elaborate 1800 Block chain to his fellow Atlantic Records artist Ed Sheeran, he took to Twitter earlier this week to encourage other artists to sign to the label. His enjoyment of his time with the label is an indication of his happiness.

The claim contrasts sharply with recent claims made by other well-known rappers such as NBA YoungBoy and Meek Mill. Atlantic Records has been accused by both artists of negatively affecting their careers, and they have made their feelings known through social media.

Ultimately, an artist will select a company that he or she feels comfortable with or that he or she believes will be the most profitable for him or her. Kodak may have chosen to promote this particular label for another reason. 

NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk are involved in a simmering beef, and he appears to have picked a side. The reason he publicly praises the label is suspected to be this reason.

It is only apparent from the fact that Lil Durk is the only feature on Kodak's latest album Back For Everything. Hip-hop fans have been speculating that this is all being set up for a major beef between the two artists, with Kodak already declaring his side.

The beef is theoretical, however, since Kodak has stated he won't take part in it. On DJ Akademiks' Off the Record podcast in October 2021, he made this point clear. In addition, he said that he liked the music of both artists.