JIN (BTS) Record Label: Who Is He Signed To? 2024 Deal Info & Past Contracts

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JIN (BTS) Record Label: Who Is He Signed To? 2024 Deal Info & Past Contracts

Who is JIN (BTS) Signed To?

Big Hit Music

Big Hit Music

Immediately upon its release, BTS's debut album 2 Cool 4 Skool caught the attention of music fans around the world. One of the stand-out members of the group was Kim Seok-jin, better known by his stage name JIN.

Though he had no prior experience in music, his powerful vocals and good looks made him an instant favorite among fans. Since then, JIN has gone on to release several solo tracks, including the 2016 hit “Awake.”

The song peaked at number six on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart and number 31 on the Gaon Digital Chart in the United States.

In December 2016, he shared a Christmas-themed version of “Awake” on SoundCloud, which was met with positive reviews from fans. JIN's success as a solo artist is a testament to his immense talent and charisma, both of which have helped to make BTS one of the most popular groups in the world today.

Artist Background: JIN (BTS)'s Previous Record Labels & Contracts

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Jin is still with his first previous record label which is the Big Hit Entertainment. He didn't change record label since he debuted in 2013. He is still in the boy band named Bangtan Boys or commonly known as BTS.

Awards: JIN's Solo Achievements

Awards: JIN's Solo Achievements

In his solo career, Jin already had six award nominations up to his name. He won 2 of those nominations.

As of the writing of this blog, he still has one pending nomination. He won the 2022 Fan N Star Choice Award in the The Fact Music Festival. Aside from that, he also bagged the 2022 The Best Artist of K-Drama OST in the World in the Top Ten Awards.

How Did JIN (BTS) Get Famous?

Kim Seok-jin was born in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, on December 4, 1992. His mother, father, and older brother make up his family. He attended a study camp in Australia in 2007 to improve his English.

Kim had originally intended to become a journalist, but after seeing Kim Nam-gil in Queen Seondeok, she changed her mind. He was discovered while still in junior high school by the South Korean K-pop agency SM Entertainment, although he turned down the offer at the time.

Kim attended Konkuk University and earned a degree in film studies on February 22, 2017, despite initially wanting to be an actress. Later, in order to pursue academics outside of music, he enrolled in graduate school at Hanyang Cyber University.

Does JIN (BTS) Write His Own Songs?

Jin is known to write many of his solo songs. He also co-wrote the songs Love is not Over, Boyz with Fun, and Stay.

What is JIN (BTS)'s Net Worth?

BTS' Jin has a net worth estimated to be between $20 and $22 million. Though much of his wealth derives from his successful singing career, he has also demonstrated financial savvy in other ways.

In 2018, he opened a Japanese restaurant called “Seoul Space” in collaboration with his brother. The restaurant has been quite successful, no doubt due in part to Jin's large and loyal fan base.

But it also indicates that Jin is serious about making smart investments and building a diverse portfolio. With his talent and business acumen, it's likely that Jin's net worth will only continue to grow in the years to come.

Other Artists Signed To Big Hit Music

Other artists signed to Big Hit Music include: BTS, Tomorrow X Together, Lee Hyun, RM, Agust D, and J-hope are some of the artists signed with the Big Hit Entertainment.

Does JIN (BTS) Own His Masters?

Most artists do not own the masters to their songs. The master recording is the final product that is distributed to the public. The owner of the master has the exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, and sell the recording. Most often, the master owner is the record label.

The artist usually signs away these rights in their recording contract in exchange for an advance and royalties. So, while JIN surely receives a huge royalty with the songs he wrote and sung, there is not enough information to state that he owns the masters to his songs.

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