What Record Label Is Harry Styles Signed To? (2022) Present & Past Deals

Wondering what record label Harry Styles is signed to? We've got you covered! After auditioning for the UK television show The X Factor in 2010, Harry Styles joined One Direction with four other male singers.

With five incredibly successful studio albums, the boy band became a pop music phenomenon. After making a splash as a solo artist in 2017, Harry dropped a self-titled album and his debut single. In 2020, he released his second solo album, Fine Line.

What Record Label Is Harry Styles Signed To? (2022) Present & Past Deals

So, What Record Label Is Harry Styles Signed To?

Harry Styles is signed to Columbia Records and Erskine Records for his solo career. 

How Was Harry Styles Discovered?

Harry Edward Styles is best known for his abilities as a singer and songwriter. He is a member of the popular pop-rock band “One Direction.” Having a passion for music from an early age, he immersed himself in music at an early age.

His musical ability and natural flair made him a favorite of the judges when he auditioned for ‘The X Factor' in 2007. As the youngest member of ‘One Direction,' Styles missed the judge's houses.

He quickly became a fan favorite because of his vocal qualities, appearance, and demeanor. The boy band broke several records during its five years together, becoming the first boy band in American history to debut its first four albums at number one.

The group is also the first boy band to have two number-one albums in the same calendar year. 

After his self-imposed hiatus, Styles signed a record deal with Columbia Records. His television and film credits include the Nickelodeon show iCarly, the concert documentary One Direction: This Is Us, and the feature film Dunkirk.

One Direction’s Contribution To British Pop

Pop culture

The band heavily embraced its British identity. The band was photographed atop a red telephone box on the cover of their 2012 album Take Me Home. 

Harry Styles and One Direction merchandise also highlight their British identity. Phone cases proclaim, “keep calm and love Harry Styles” over the British Union Jack, and One Direction tee shirts also feature the British flag. 

The global success of One Direction was called a second British invasion by some. There has been a comparison between the band and The Beatles, who brought British music and culture to America and the world during the 1960s. 

One Direction embraced this British label and even called their 2012 documentary “The Invasion,” a reference to The Beatles' invasion. By featuring the Union Jack on the cover, the film further solidified its British identity. 

How Did Harry Styles End Up With Columbia Records?

columbia records

According to Billboard, Harry Styles has officially signed a recording deal with Columbia Records, the same label that signed his former boyband.

In lieu of working on Christopher Nolan's film about World War II, Dunkirk, the teenage dream has been on hiatus ever since the 1D split last year. The four solo songs he released last year suggested he was headed for a solo career.

One Direction has five hit albums to keep fans entertained while they wait for the details of the deal to be announced.

Does Harry Styles Have His Own Record Label?

Yes, he does. Harry Styles launched Erskine Records in May 2016. Erskine Records is owned exclusively by Styles. Emma Spring is his assistant and co-director.

One Direction's manager, Modest Management, laid off Styles in February 2016 and he joined Jeffrey Azoff's Full Stop Management and CAA. Erskine Records was launched by Styles in May, and Columbia Records signed him as a solo artist in June.

In addition to managing Harry Styles, Jeffrey Azoff, his father Irving Azoff, and Brandon Creed, the manager of Mark Ronson, recently formed Full Stop Management.

Is Harry Styles Different From Other Artists?

It's not just Harry Styles who manages his own small independent record label. A similar label, Parkwood Entertainment, was started by Beyonce under Columbia Records.

Beyonce had more flexibility, but did not have full control over her recordings by having her own imprint label. Columbia Records still owns Beyonce's masters for her recordings.

The same thing happens with Harry Styles' Erksine Records, which is part of Columbia Records. In the past two years, two of Harry Styles' solo albums have been released on this label. 

As with Beyonce's independent label, Harry's has the freedom to sign other artists to his label and make music. Columbia Records, however, remains the owner of his music and is the legal owner of his masters. 

Did Harry Styles Win a Grammy?


A number of awards have been won by Harry Styles, both as a member of One Direction and a solo artist. However, Harry Styles has not yet won a Grammy. Despite never having been nominated, he could be on his way to winning a Grammy sometime soon.

Harry has been mentioned more than once in conversations about the Grammy awards as seeing them as a major goal.

What Awards Does Harry Styles Have As a Solo Artist?

Harry Styles continued to make music as a solo artist after One Direction announced their hiatus in 2016. Following the band, he won numerous awards, including a number of the same titles he won previously. 

One Direction won the British Artist Video of the Year award with “You & I” in 2015, 2016 for “Drag Me Down,” and 2017 for “History” at the 2018 Brit Awards. Harry won the award with “A Sign of the Times” in 2018.

Harry has also received a few nominations for his work as an actor since leaving One Direction. Awarded Best Breakthrough Performance and Best Newcomer at the National Film Awards U.K., he was also nominated for Choice Breakout Movie Star at Teen Choice Awards as well as Choice Summer Movie Actor at Teen Choice Awards.

Although he did not win, these nominations could mark the start of a successful acting career to follow. 


Harry Edward Styles is best known for his abilities as a singer and songwriter both as a member of the boy band One Direction and as a solo artist. Harry Styles is signed to Columbia Records and Erskine Records for his solo career. 

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