What Record Label Is Bring Me the Horizon Signed To? (2022) Past & Present Deals

In December 2011, Bring Me The Horizon finally returned home to the UK after two years on the road. The third album by the band, which was released in 2010, at this point was a massive hit. They had reached Number 1 in Australia with ‘Let's Keep It A Secret’ and broke into the Top 20 on both sides of the Atlantic with ‘There Is A Heaven’. 

The band was on fire. The band had sold-out shows in Asia, Europe, Australia, as well as South and North America. From the Reading & Leeds Festivals to their Vans Warped Tour, they played remarkable, show-stealing gigs all while building a dedicated army of devotees. 

Many in the public credited their building success to their association with major record label players such as Thirty Days Of Night and Epitaph Records. But did the band remain with any of these labels as their success continued to bloom? What record deals did the band maintain up to 2022? Read on to find out!

What Record Label Is Bring Me the Horizon Signed To? (2022) Past & Present Deals

So, What Record Label Is Bring Me the Horizon Signed To?

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According to Wikipedia, Bring Me the Horizon is currently signed to Epitaph Records, and RCA which is under Sony Music UK. They have in the past had record deals or contracts with Columbia Records, Visible Noise, Thirty Days of Night Records, Shock Records, Earache Records, and BMG Rights Management.

Is Bring Me the Horizon Still Signed With Sony Music UK?

Sony Music UK

Bring Me The Horizon, a UK metalcore band, has announced a new record deal with RCA Records, an imprint of Sony. In 2013, they released the album Sempiternal.

Although it is a worldwide deal, a special licensing deal has been negotiated for the United States. The move isn't surprising since Bring Me the Horizon is one of the biggest metal/hardcore bands on the planet. This is especially true since their last album debuted at #17 on the Billboard 200.

Is Bring Me the Horizon Signed With Epitaph Records?

Epitaph Records

Bring Me The Horizon has signed a deal with Epitaph to release their record “Suicide Season” in North America. In October 2008, Bring Me The Horizon went on tour with Australia's own Deez Nuts and The Red Shore in Europe.

Does Bring Me The Horizon Own Their Masters?

There is no public information on whether or not Bring Me The Horizon owns their masters. However, seeing that they are still signed to a major label (RCA under Sony Music UK), it is highly unlikely that they do.

Did Bring Me the Horizon Have A Contract With Columbia Records?

Columbia Records

According to a report from Substream Magazine, British metalcore/rock band Bring Me The Horizon has signed a recording deal with Columbia Records. You are probably aware that Bring Me The Horizon had released, “Happy Song” in 2015. 

Was Bring Me the Horizon Signed With Visible Noise?

Originally signed to Thirty Days of Night Records, they were now signed to Visible Noise Records. The band was also the first to be signed to Thirty Days of Night Records. In the past, the band has toured with bands such as The Haunted, Killswitch Engage, The Blackout, and Lostprophets.

According to Wikipedia they are no longer signed to Visible Noise. There was no explanation as to why the break happened.

Did Bring Me the Horizon Release An Album Under Thirty Days of Night Records?

Yes, they did! Thirty Days of Night Records signed Bring Me the Horizon in 2004. This Is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For was Bring Me the Horizon's debut EP, released that same year.

What Was Bring Me the Horizon’s Agreement With BMG Rights Management?

BMG Rights Management

After releasing ‘Sempiternal', the #3-charting debut album from Bring Me The Horizon on Sony's RCA Recordings, the group have since signed with BMG Chrysalis UK as an international publisher.

In an interview with BMTH, Oli Sykes commented that they couldn't be happier to be working with BMG. Although they had several offers and discussions with publishers, BMG impressed them the most. This deal got them excited about future projects and collaborations and made Bring Me the Horizon excited about future projects as well.

Bring Me The Horizon is a fantastic rock band with an amazing management team doing an excellent job of artist development, according to Alexi Cory-Smith, Senior VP at BMG Chrysalis UK. BMG is delighted that BMTH chose them as a publishing partner. Bring Me The Horizon is leading the charge in 2013 as music gets louder according to Alexi.

Did Bring Me the Horizon Sign A Record Deal With Earache Records?

In the 1990s, Earache launched the early extreme metal movement with bands such as Carcass, Clutch, Sleep, Godflesh, Morbid Angel, and Napalm Death. Earache released Bring Me The Horizon's USA debut almost ten years ago, then a relatively unknown UK band that went on to become a global rock star. In recognition of his contributions to the independent music sector, Digby Pearson of Earache label was given the AIM Pioneer Award for 2015.

Is Bring Me the Horizon Signed With Shock Records?

At this point you should be aware that BMTH is a British metalcore band but did you know that they were from Sheffield, Yorkshire. The band is currently signed to Shock Records in Australia, Epitaph Records in the US, and RCA in the UK.

Why Was Amo Released Under Both Sony Music UK & RCA Records?

One of the most successful and electrifying rock bands to emerge from the UK is Bring Me The Horizon, which has been nominated for both the Brit and Grammy awards.

In 2019, the group released their sixth studio album, ‘Amo,' which debuted at number one in 17 markets. They were also nominated for Best Rock Song with their first single, ‘MANTRA', which earned them a Grammy nomination in 2018. They were also nominated for Best Group at the 2020 BRIT Awards. In over 40 countries, the band has played sold-out shows and has sold over four million albums.

The band consists of keyboardist Jordan Fish, drummer Mat Nicholls, bassist Matt Kean, guitarist Lee Malia, and vocalist Oli Sykes.