What is the Best Microphone for ASMR?

Binaural microphones provide a hyper-realistic listening experience with their ability to detect directional cues and subtle nuances that regular microphones cannot.

This makes them the ideal choice for ASMR recordings, allowing listeners to feel as if they are truly in the recording space while still enjoying precise detail and clarity.

Imitating human perception of sound allows binaural microphones to capture whispering and mouth sound more accurately than traditional mics, creating an immersive and beautiful audio landscape for your ASMR videos.

Best Microphone for ASMR: At A Glance

Top picks of what type of microphone is best for ASMR:

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What is the Best Microphone for ASMR?

What Makes a Good ASMR Microphone?

When deciding on a microphone for ASMR recording, there are several important factors to consider:

Polar pattern

This describes how sound is picked up and in what directions. The best polar patterns for ASMR are cardioid and omnidirectional.

Cardioid microphones are great for recording a single source of sound from the front and sides while rejecting sounds from behind.

Omnidirectional microphones, on the other hand, pick up sound equally from all directions and are great for recording multiple sound sources or background noise.

Mic Sensitivity

A microphone with high sensitivity is essential for ASMR recording as it will pick up even the most subtle sounds such as whispers and soft noises.

A less sensitive microphone may not pick up as much ambient noise or environmental sounds.

Frequency Response

Frequency Response

This describes the tonal range that a microphone is capable of capturing. A microphone with a wide frequency response will pick up a wider variety of sounds, including the lower frequencies that can be relaxing and soothing for ASMR.

Noise Level

Noise Level

A microphone with a low noise floor or level of background noise will result in a clearer and more unadulterated recording.

Even inconsequential ambient noise can detract from the experience of listening to an ASMR recording.



The cost of a microphone can range from a few dollars to several hundred or even thousands. For example, the Neumann KU100, while it is some impressive gear, it will run you about $7000.

For those looking to invest a bit more money in their set up, the Neumann Ku100 is one of the most popular professional audio options used by ASMR creators.

This binaural dummy head holds two mic capsules enclosed in ear-shaped shells which simulate real ears, giving you a realistic 3D audio experience.

Its wide polar pattern allows it to capture sound from all directions with notable clarity and low noise level.

I have also reviewed some Neumann KU100 alternatives that offer similar at a fraction of the price.

Affordable Options for ASMR Microphones

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The Rode NT1, Neumann TLM 103, and Blue Yeti are all popular options for amateur ASMR creators seeking quality sound on a budget.

These mics stand out from the rest with their cardioid polar pattern, sensitivity levels, frequency response capability and low noise levels.

No matter your individual needs – whether you're recording background noise, multiple sound sources or binaural ASMR – these microphones will give you the clarity and accuracy you need to make professional-level recordings.

For those looking to take their ASMR production to the next level without breaking the bank, these three microphones are excellent choices.

The Rode NT1 is a highly sensitive microphone that offers great clarity and low noise levels at an affordable price.

The Neumann TLM 103 is known for its superior audio reproduction ability, making it ideal for capturing subtle nuances in sound.

And the Blue Yeti has become a go-to choice among YouTubers and podcasters alike due to its versatility and solid performance that rivals professional-grade mics while still remaining accessible.

It's important to consider factors such as polar pattern, sensitivity, frequency response, and noise level (detailed above) when selecting a microphone for ASMR recording.

Additionally, research reviews of different mics before making a purchase to get an idea of what features are offered within various price points.

Once you've found the mic that meets all your criteria – whether it be more expensive or economical – you'll have found your perfect match!


What Microphone Polar Pattern Is Good for ASMR?

When it comes to selecting the right microphone polar pattern for ASMR recordings, cardioid and omnidirectional are the top choices.

Cardioid is designed to isolate a single sound source while rejecting background noise.

Omnidirectional picks up sound from all directions without sacrificing audio quality. Ensure the recording device offers adequate sensitivity levels and low noise levels for optimal clarity and fidelity.

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