Top 7 Recording Studios In Mesa, AZ (2024)

We have compiled a list of the best recording studios in Mesa, AZ to help you find the perfect place to record your next album or project.

These are the most reputable recording studios in the state, with many years of experience and a long list of satisfied (and famous clients)!

If you are looking for a professional recording studio in Mesa, AZ this is the place to start your search.

When deciding on a recording studio, here are a few things to look out for:

1. The quality of the equipment:

The better the quality of the equipment, the better your recordings will sound. Make sure to ask about the studio's equipment before booking a session.

2. The experience of the engineers: The more experience the engineers have, the more likely they are to get great results. Ask about their experience and credentials before booking a session.

3. The studio's location:

The closer the studio is to you, the less time and money you'll have to spend on travel. Make sure to check out the studio's location before booking a session.

Now that you know what to look for in a recording studio, here are our top 7 😃

Top 7 Recording Studios In Mesa, AZ (2024)

Saltmine Studio Oasis

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  • Apart from the fact that Don Salter, the owner of Saltmine Studios, has spent 30 glorious years in the business, has a 5-star (131) Google review, his list of A-list clients has to be one of the  BEST out there.
  • I mean, we’re talking about legends like DMX, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Eve, Alicia Keys, Ludacris, Timbaland, Ne-Yo, Jonas Brothers, Soulfly, Styx, Cassidy, and MCA Records. What more can a music producer ask for again, please?
  • You don’t even want to read about the list of Transformer-esque recording equipment his studio is fully armed to the teeth with. But, human nature, you guys are very curious, so we’ll give you a (very) tip of the studio iceberg. 
Saltmine Studio Oasis

Studio A

Neve Tracking and Cathedral Live Room

Studio B

Premier SSL Pro Tools Mixing Room

Studio C

Pro Tools Production Room

Studio D

SSL Mixing Room

Studio E

‘The Writers Room”, Pro Tools Ultimate and a host of Plugins.

  • To book a session and an engineer, you have to pay 25% (or $100) of the studio's projected cost. If you plan to change or cancel your session, it has to be done 24 hours in advance, otherwise, your deposit will be lost. 
  • If there are equipment failures, which could lead to downtimes, the studio’s engineers will note this down and extend your contracted time. So, you’re in safe hands. 

Rates are for “Indie” projects that require their tightest budget considerations

$75/hourStudio C
$90-$95*/hourfor Studio D The Villa
$100-$125*For Studio B “Mix room”
$100-$125*/hourFor Studio A Tracking room



[email protected]

Phone Number: 

(480) 220-4007


48 S Macdonald, Mesa, Arizona 85210, United States

Underdog Studios

Underdog Studios
  • Located in Meza, Arizona, Underdog is owned by 10-year-old music veteran, Kristen Taylor, an engineer / producer at Underdog Studios. Notable musicians who have recorded at the studio includes Don Vito, Odey McVerity, Ethan 103, Oh God No, Grimiss, Cavalier Streets, Izzy Edible, Kapitol Disorder, and Eye of Fire. 
  • If you book a session there, it will include a producer, or as they say “a creative coach”, who will handle all your recording duties and squeeze out your creative juice. 
  • Note: 48 hours before going for the session, do a warm up, avoid soda, cigarettes, and most importantly stay hydrated. 
  • Extra tip: try come with your personal gear like a pedal-board, extra picks, and most importantly, bring all your lyrics (written down if you’ve not memmorized them). Remember, it’s better to have and not need it, than the other way round. 
  • One of their 4.8-star (37) Google review reads “Underdog Studios has be good for me. My band has recorded there on two occasions with Kristen Taylor with great results. […] Great people and great experiences!
Underdog Studios


  1. Full HD Multi-Tracking Recording
  2. On-Site Mixing and Mastering
  3. Voice Recording at Underdog Studios
  4. Music video production

Studio Rate





Phone Number: 

Phone 480-420-4388


65 South Sycamore, Suite 1B | Mesa, AZ 85202

Raven Studios

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  • Before you read on, note this down: if you book 3 hours at this studio, they’re giving an extra hour FREE. Not bad, right?
  • Located in Mesa Arizona, Raven Studios caters to major record labels, feature film producers, broadcast TV networks, artists, local bands, and local movie makers. 
  • They have three studios (A, B, and C) with state-of-the-art equipment that’s guaranteed to take your project from zero to hero. Their general services include recording, composing, arranging, mixing, mastering, Foley ADR and sound design.
  • The studio will work within your budget whether you’re tracking an album, a single or re-recording a feature film to come up with a perfect pro-audio solution. 
  • Raven has gotten production credits from some of the ‘who’s who’ in the industry like BC, NBC, CBS, MTV, A&E, GSN, TruTV, DirecTV, InDemand, 20th television, FOX, and G4.
Raven Studios

Pro Audio Services

  1. Slate Raven MTi2 Dual Touch Screen Console
  2. Protools, Logic Pro X, Nuendo, Studio One, Ableton Live, FL Studio
  3. Full Service Record Production, Marketing & Promotion
  4. Multi-Track Recording – Up to 24 simultaneous live tracks
  5. Virtual Recording – Unlimited Tracks
  6. Audio Mixing and Mastering
  7. Re-Mixing, Re-Recording, ADR
  8. Vocal Recording, Narration/Voiceover
  9. Audio Sweetening
  10. Foley, Sound Design, Audio Editing
  11. Scoring – Film, Television, Ad Campaigns, New Media
  12. Large Live Tracking Room – Drums, Bands, Ensembles, Brass
  13. Jingle Writing/Corporate and commercial audio production
  14. Custom Songwriting, Beats, Loops & Live Sound Stem Support
  15. Composing and Arranging
  16. In-House Studio Musicians, Composers, Editors, Engineers
  17. In-House Music Producers
  18. Audio Restoration
  19. Podcast Production and Delivery
  20. Audio Tape Transfers, and Multi-Format Delivery

Studio Rates

$50/hourStudio A Vocal BoothIncludes all software and plugins + Engineer
$90/hourStudio A Vocal Booth + ProducerIncludes all software and plugins + Producer/Engineer
$100/hourLive Room – Full Band CapabilityMulti-Track Recording in our Live Room + Engineer
$100hourMixing and Mastering
$150/hourBeat Making,  Producer and 30 minutes of Vocal Booth – Special PackageHave a Beat Made and your vocal recorded and produced!
$150/hourVideo – Studio A Television, Film, FoleyIncludes Green Screen + 2 on-site Staff
Video editing/productionFree consultation




Phone Number: 

(480) 359-6195


840 W 8th Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210

Sonicphish Productions

Sonicphish Productions
  • Ladies and gentlemen, please rise up and join your hands together as we welcome the owner of Sonicphish Productions, Ken Mary, The G.O.A.T.
  • Why this standing ovation? Here’s the “why”: as a musician SOME of his feats include four top 20 billboard hits, two billboard top 30 hits, six top 10 R&R hits, and #1 AOL radio hit. 
  • Yo! There’s more: Ken’s clients include Alice Cooper, Daniel Winans, Silverline, LaRue, Warner Bros, abc family, MCA records, Benson Records, SONY BMG Music entertainment…the list goes on and on. (and on!)
  • Located in Mesa, Arizona, Ken’s studio provides mixing, mastering, and recording services with a world-class set of equipment. And considering his resume, you can sleep easy knowing that your project will be subjected to his ingenuity. 
  • The studio is open Monday to Friday (09:00-22:00), Saturday (10:00-16:00), but only by appointments. Sunday is an exception – he’s closed! 
Sonicpish Productions

Studio Rates

$65/hourTrackingEngineer included. 
MixingCall for quote
$150Per songMastering
Music ProductionCall for quote



[email protected]

Phone Number: 



3520 E. Brown Road, Mesa, AZ  85213

Studio 8 by Mesa Made Records

Studio 8 by Mesa Made Records
  • Located in Mesa, Arizona, Studio 8 is a music production studio that provides a safe and creative environment for all your music cravings. 
  • They’ve got top-of-the-line recording equipment and music engineers to provide you recording services like podcasting, music, voice acting, and private sessions.
  • Their services are available from Monday to Sunday (24/7) If you need a studio that operates from dusk to dawn. 
  • Their Google reviews are laced with the comments of satisfied clients; for instance, here’s one “Professional equipment and an experienced engineer/artist ready to do business. If your an artist looking for a home base to record, you need hit this spot one time and see how they add can value to your craft.”
  • And another one, “This Studio is a dope environment! You def get more than what you are looking for! Bruc3 is a great engineer!! Def a studio id recommend!! Quality is amazing!!

Facebook Page:

Phone Number: 

(602) 882-6797


1241 E Broadway Rd suite 8, Mesa, AZ 85204

Blue Exit Audio

Blue Exit Audio
  • Jeff Tretta, a producer and audio engineer, owns Blue Exit Audio located in Mesa, Arizona off Higley and University. The studio is designed to give bands a comfortable environment coupled with great sounds to record their music. 
  • The facility features Protools and great pieces of analog gear to allow artists to record their songs in a professional studio at low cost, and with minimal stress. 
Blue Exit Audio


  1. Recording (Live tracking)
  2. Mixing
  3. Mastering
  4. Production
  5. Play through videos
  6. Podcasts
  • His website contains a selection of the music Jeff has produced for different artists that you can chew on to get a feel of his expertise. 
  • Reach out to them via email, the social media handles, or contact form on their website. A consultation over the phone or in-person is required to book each session.
  • Note: sessions are booked two weeks in advance and you have to pay a non-refundable 20% deposit, which will be added to your total studio cost. 

Recording Rates

$150Half a day4 hours
$300Full day8 hours
$50Hourly rateIf you only need a few hours. 

Mixing Rates

$250Per songMixing prices are subject to change with session size and track count. 

Per Song Rates

$500Full day8-10 hours (including mixing). 



[email protected]

Phone Number: 



4921 E Downing St. Mesa, AZ 85205


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  • Built on a 1000 square foot stand-alone building designed from ground zero, Jalipaz Nelson runs the affairs of Audioconfusion located in East Mesa, Arizona.
  • The musical godfather and mentor (as he’s fondly known) mostly does live recordings with vocal overdubs because “the band is in the same room with their instruments and amps so it feels like practice”. 
  • However, if live recordings doens’t rock your boat, Jalipaz can also do track-by-track recordings or something else that works best for your situation. 
  • His motto: Audioconfusion is built on the premise of authentic musicality cemented by an invincible work ethic. 
  • He has worked with several musicians including Playboy Manbaby, Twingiant, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Diners, The Haymarket Squares, The Oxford Coma. 


Phone Number: 

(480) 898-9904


1338 N 64th Pl, Mesa, AZ 85205

Don't Forget Your Recording Session Essentials…

1. Game Plan

game plan

You should go in there with a plan of what you want to achieve. This will make it easier on both you and the engineer, and will help keep things moving along.

2. External Hard Drive

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Get yourself an external hard drive. This way, you can take your sessions home with you and have a backup in case something goes wrong.

3. Powerbank

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You never know when you're going to need a power bank. It's always better to be safe than sorry!

4. Snacks and drinks


Stay hydrated and fueled up so you can perform at your best.

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