Top 7 Best Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon (2024)

In this article, we're going to list the 7 best music recording studios in Portland, Oregon. 

If you are searching for a high-quality and feature-rich recording studio in Portland, Oregon that has great prices and amazing recording engineers to work with your music project or album, then keep reading and find out what each studio below has to offer!

This article has the most comprehensive list of the best recording studios in Portland, look no further as this list will tackle every single thing you’re looking for.

Top 7 Best Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon (2024)

These are the 7 highest-rated music studios in Portland. To view all local music studio, visit our directory of recording studios.

Black Diamond Recording Studios

Black Diamond Recording Studio One Of The Top 7 Best Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon

Located 15 minutes east of Downtown Portland, Black Diamond Studios is a premier recording studio with cutting-edge technology, guaranteed to help creative individuals fulfill their projects and exceed their expectations.

Black Diamond Studios is well-equipped with an extensive collection of high-quality microphones, instruments, converters, and many more studio gear.

The studio has a team of highly-trained, professional, and friendly staff. The sound engineers are enthusiastic and supportive, making sure that the recording session goes well and people are able to produce high-quality music.

Black Diamond Studios have been getting tons of positive reviews and for good reason, they’ve perfectly nailed having wonderful staff, state-of-the-art equipment for a competitive price. Many consider their services and rates to be extremely worth it which is why many continue to choose the studio over and over again.

If you’re looking for a studio with excellent services with prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, then choosing Black Diamond Studios as your studio of choice is a perfect choice!



1424 SE 162nd Ave, Portland, OR 97233

Studio + EngineerE-mail for more information
ProductionE-mail for more information
Nonrefundable Deposit$50

Falcon Recording Studio

Falcon Recording studio One Of The Top 7 Best Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon

Looking for a studio with affordable rates? Falcon Recording Studios has you covered! This recording studio dedicates to providing producing opportunities and unleashing the potential of talented individuals.

Falcon Recording Studios has four well-equipped studios, each one contains different kinds of recording and producing equipment specifically tailored to one’s needs. If you’re unsure of which studio is best for you, then Falcon Recording Studios’ team of wonderful sound engineers is there to guide and help you along the way.

Considered as one of Portland’s finest recording studios, Falcon Recording Studios has received a lot of high praises from its patronages for the consistency of top-notch services and the hospitality of its sound engineers.

Falcon Recording Studios’ staff ensures that their rooms are comfortable and the production of music exceeds their expectations. Their sound engineers are extremely experienced in what they do, and their high levels of enthusiasm make every studio session very enjoyable and fun.

Overall, Falcon Recording Studios is a great studio to record and produce music especially if you’re a newbie since you’ll also be taught exactly how to make amazing music. It’s no wonder many choose to continue their recording sessions with them.



15 SE 15th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Studio AContact for more information
Studio BContact for more information
Studio CContact for more information
Studio D SWContact for more information

Jackpot! Recording Studio

Jackpot! recording Studio One Of The Top 7 Best Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon

Built back in 1997 with a passion for music, Jackpot! Recording Studio comes with a humble history of recording sessions that soon led to this studio’s ongoing success. The studio’s stepping stones serve as an inspiration for new, up-and-coming musicians to keep pushing forward and work their way to achieving their dreams.

Jackpot! Recording Studio has an extensive collection of top-notch studio equipment such as consoles, microphones, speakers, compressors, and many more to ensure that your recording session goes smoothly.

The sound engineers for Jackpot! are exceptional and very accommodating, their politeness makes them easy to get along with, allowing the maximization of productivity within the allotted time period. Many are impressed by how knowledgeable their staff is, and would more often than not recommend first-timers to hire an engineer to help out with their project.

If you’re a newbie and in need of proper assistance, then Jackpot! Recording Studios is the perfect place for you to host a recording session and unleash your potential.



2420 SE 50th Ave, Portland, OR 97206

Studio Day Rate (Without engineer)$350 per day
Studio Hourly Rate (Without engineer)$50 per hour
Engineer RateContact for more information
Pre-session Tape Deck Calibration$50
First-timers promotion$600 for 10 hours and an in-house engineer
Deposit$100 per day

Opal Recording Studio

Opal Recording Studio One Of The Top 7 Best Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon

Opal Recording Studios was established back in 1996 with a passion-driven goal which is to provide music production opportunities for aspiring talents. They are home to artists such as Lisa Mann, Andrew Paul Woodworth, The Somersaults, and many more!

In order to produce professional and high-quality music, Opal Recording Studios has a comprehensive arsenal of the finest recording gear in the market. The selection they possess may be intimidating at first, but with the help of their team of experts, you’ll be able to pinpoint which instruments and microphones would cater to your preferences!

If you do a quick online search on this studio, you’ll be surprised to see that they have a five-star rating on Google. Many are impressed especially by Opal’s curated staff of informative, friendly, and supportive sound engineers. They know exactly how to achieve your wants and desires when it comes to music production.

For a studio that can achieve so much in less time, Opal Recording Studios is indeed a bang for your buck!



6219 SE Powell Boulevard, Portland, OR 97206

Studio (Recording, Editing, Mixing)$60 per hour$250 for a 5-hour block ($50 per hour)$400 per day (9 hours)
Mastering$40 per track$300 for 10 songs
Music ProductionContact for more information
Consulting/Lessons$60 per hour
First Timer DepositContact for more information

Portland Underground Recording

Portland Underground Recording One Of The Top 7 Best Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon

Portland Underground Recording is a premier recording studio that’s been helping independent artists thrive in the industry. The studio promises to deliver professional and high-quality music production every single time.

Many of their clients are impressed by the professionalism and the supportiveness that’s made possible by their wonderful team of engineers. Portland Underground’s sound engineers are there to ensure that your recording session goes smoothly.

Whether your upcoming project is big or small, rest assured that the results you get with Portland Underground will go beyond your imagination. Their sound and production quality ensures that you get the best results possible, leaving no room for disappointments!

Portland Underground Recording is a great choice for aspiring musicians and newbies who are looking for an elite studio that will take their music to the next level.



2718 SW Kelly Ave, Portland, OR 97201

Recording (Engineer included)$65 per hour$500 per day
eMastering$75 for single song mastering$60 each for 5 or more songs$50 each for 10 or more songs
eMixing$475 for single song mixing$400 each for 5 or more songs$350 each for 10 or more songs
Recording Session with an in-house engineer$130 for 2 hours$180 for 3 hours$240 for 4 hours$275 for 5 hours$330 for 6 hours

Digital One

Digital One One Of The Top 7 Best Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon

This award-winning post-production studio has been a home for many freelance artists and musicians in Portland. Digital One provides a safe space for independent individuals to freely express their creativity and help make their dreams come to life.

It doesn’t matter what kind of project you have, it’s always guaranteed that Digital One will help you every step of the way so that you are leaving their studio satisfied.

Digital One has an extensive collection of microphones, compressors, amps, and other equipment necessary for production. If you’re intimidated by the number of choices, then their sound engineers are more than happy to assist you.

They have a wonderful team of professionals who know exactly what to do, don’t be afraid to ask for help since their staff are incredibly friendly and are willing to answer your queries about anything.

This studio may not have an elaborate history compared to others, but that doesn’t make them less credible–they know exactly how to step up in the industry and the number of returning clients just proves how reliable and excellent they are.



2112 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR 97201

Services & Costs:

Pre-ProductionContact for more information
ProductionContact for more information
Post-ProductionContact for more information
MixingContact for more information
Sound DesignContact for more information

B-Side Studios

B side studios One Of The Top 7 Best Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon

Founded in 2016, B-side Studios is fueled with the passion of offering music production and recording sessions for talented individuals who are interested in working with experienced creatives in the industry.

The studio was established by Steve Strauss, an expert in the field, having worked in every facet of stage production, film, audio engineer, theater, television, and many more. This cements the fact that B-Side Studios is more of a passion project rather than a money-making scheme, wherein the people here actually care about what goes into production.

The environment is described to be laidback, you won’t feel any pressure during your session. The staff is very patient and helpful, ensuring that everything goes smoothly and the end result is better than expected.

Despite the studio only being a few years old, B-Side has a wide array of studio gear that will tickle your fancy, the equipment listed has been curated so that only the best of the best are handed out to you.

B-Side Studios is a great choice for those starting out or those who are simply looking for a new recording studio. The comfortable vibe it exudes is a breath of fresh air that’s minutes away from downtown, great music can be produced within an accessible route! Definitely brings convenience for most people.



1006 SE Grand Ave Portland, OR 97215

Studio hourly w/ engineer$50 hourly (minimum of 2 hours)
Studio daily w/ engineer$400
Studio daily w/o engineer$250
Rehearsal/Pre-Production$25 hourly (minimum of 4 hours)

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