Rap Lyrics About Aries: Unique FREE-To-Use Kendrick, J Cole, 21 Savage, Eminem, Drake-Style

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Rap Lyrics About Aries: Unique FREE-To-Use Kendrick, J Cole, 21 Savage, Eminem, Drake-Style

Kendrick Lamar-Style Rap Lyrics About Aries

Rap Lyrics About Aries

Nope, these rap lyrics about aries were not written by Kendrick Lamar himself… But we have used our impressive FREE lyrics generator tool to learn his flow and replicate his style!

Check them out below!

My sign is Aries, they say I'm a warrior//
Born as a leader, got that natural euphoria//
Ruled by Mars, I be running through the hills//
Climbin' to success, chasing money and thrills//

An ambitious mind, like Kendrick with the rhymes//
I conquer every challenge, even when it's an uphill climb//
A fire sign,, I'm burnin' beats, leave 'em in fragments//
Can't extinguish my flames, I'm fueled by passion//

A ram up in this game, but no sheep amongst the pack//
I bust through obstacles, ain't no time for looking back//
Courageous every day, fear don't get in my way//
Show love to my team; we'll ride together always//

I'm assertive and bold, ready for any direction//
Got that independent drive; don't need your correction//
Aries rules the head, so bring on those battles mental//
Fight until I win; Aries triumph essential.//

J Cole-Style Rap Lyrics About Aries

J Cole-Style Rap Lyrics About Aries

If J Cole's lyrical prowess is more your style, you will love these lyrics! Try and spit them with a J Cole flow and see how it goes…

I'm an Aries, baby, straight up out the flame//
Born to lead the way, ain't no other be my name//
Spring season, it's the coldest game//
Where action like fire meet desire and the pain//

I run that race like I'm sprintin' to a star//
Mars energy inside me got me goin' hard//
Transparent with my drive through these sixteen bars//
Master of my destiny, no strings, no avatar//

I'm breakin' rules, takin' risks, gettin' loud//
Only one direction for me, that's why I'm proud//
Like a ram on a mission, can't hold me down//
Winner by ignition till they gotta hand me crowns//

Innovative thoughts got 'em mystified downtown//
Self-assurance reppin', never shift or back down//
Impatient rebel heart gotta learn to slow down//
But till then, I'll be rockin' Aries horns in every town//

21 Savage-Style Rap Lyrics About Aries

21 Savage-Style Rap Lyrics About Aries

Can you spit these in a 21 flow? If you think something is missing, you can always generate your own in our free rap lyric generator tool and try those instead.
You already know how much 21 Savage references himself in his adlibs…

song lyrics generator tool

I'm an Aries king, you know I stay savage //
21 signs, baby, I'm a fire sign maverick //
Ram's horns, head-strong, don't need no leverage //
I forge my path, homie, watch me set the stage //

I'm a warrior spirit, like Mars on my side //
Ain't nobody gonna stop me when I'm in my stride //
Runnin' through the game with my bold ambition intact //
If you ain't with me now, better get your act //

Fearless leader, feel like a Zodiac boss //
I take control when others feel at a loss //
Aries in this b****, yeah we run the show //
Don't underestimate that fire that we hold //

Impatient and determined to reach that goal //
Climbing to the top like it's our only role //
No time for games or fake people around //
It's Aries season baby, only real ones in this town //

Eminem-Style Rap Lyrics About Aries

Eminem-Style Rap Lyrics About Aries

By no means is this an easy flow to Em-Ulate (see what I did there?) But, in any case, Em's flow is probably the most distinct to try and master.

I'm an Aries ram, charging through the game, that's my claim to fame //
Eminem's the name, but I ain't playing no mind games //
Fuel my fire, I'm a leader born to inspire //
Step back, 'cause it's about to go down in a lyrical wildfire //

Trailblazer, set the stage with my rage, too hard to cage //
I spit words like thunderbolts, burning up every page //
I be headstrong, but baby don't get me wrong //
This verse is for Aries — the ones who've been fighting all along //

Mars ruling over me like a planet dictator //
But this rapper right here is known as an innovator //
March and April babies know what I mean when I say //
Aries nation, we'll never fade away //

My persona matches that of an Aries ram warrior //
Snap you out of your serenity with these rhymes feeling scarier //
But it's all in good fun until we get put down //
Rise up Aries people; let's take back our crown

Drake-Style Rap Lyrics About Aries

Drake-Style Rap Lyrics About Aries

We couldn't do type-lyrics without including the man of the time himself! These Drake rap lyrics about aries are just what the engineer ordered.

Ain't no surprise, Aries setting the pace, yeah //
Trailblazing, catching flames like a race, uh //
Fiery ambition, I'm on one, can't replicate //
Drake the Aries, born to lead and innovate //

Mars in my chart, got that ruthless desire //
Achieving my dreams; they calling me sire //
Emotional depth – I'm playing with fire //
My spirit alive, my drive never tires //

The ram ascending, I'm headstrong and ready //
I'll cruise through the storm, keep the grind steady //
A pioneer heart – ain't nobody like me //
Always making moves; come and try to fight me //

Rising from ashes, I'll conquer the game //
Bold as an Aries — yeah that's my claim to fame //
Won't settle for less; I know what awaits //
I'll conquer it all cause it's written in fate.

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7 Tips For Crafting The Perfect Song And Rap Lyrics About Aries

I am sure I've helped you with the basic lyrics, but you're gonna want to put your personality all over it! Here are some tips to help you do that:

1. Embrace Aries' Fire Sign Energy

1. Embrace Aries' Fire Sign Energy

When writing dope rap lyrics, you've got to start by embracing the fire sign energy of an Aries. They're passionate, confident, and natural-born leaders, so your lyrics should match their intensity.

Here's how you can bring that heat:

  • Talk about being unstoppable and unapologetic in your pursuit of greatness.
  • Assert your dominance – not for the sake of it – but as the natural outcome of your ambition.
  • Mention how no one can extinguish your fire or hold you back.

2. Highlight Aries' Drive for Success

2. Highlight Aries' Drive for Success

Ain't no mountain high enough when it comes to an Aries' drive for success.

Convey this determination by incorporating imagery that symbolizes their relentless pursuit of accomplishment:

  • “Like an Aries on a mission, I rise up like a phoenix from the ashes.”
  • “Can't quit 'til I win, I'm an Aries in this game.”
  • “I put in work like an ambitious ram, relentless in my plans.”

3. Don't Forget Their Adventurous Side

3. Don't Forget Their Adventurous Side

Ain't no party like an Aries party!

Remember to showcase their fun-loving nature with some verses describing risk-taking behavior and their love for adventure:

  • “Aries be wildin', living life with no fear.”
  • “We be skydiving, bungee jumping, feeling alive.”
  • “Living for the moment, Aries-style, ain't no stopping us now.”

4. Show Love for Their Competitive Spirit

4. Show Love for Their Competitive Spirit

An Aries loves a good challenge, so why not rap about their competitive spirit?

Here are some ways to illustrate how they thrive on competition:

  • “Like an Aries on the frontlines of battle, I'm never backing down.”
  • “I rise to every challenge, just like a ram climbs mountains.”
  • “Undaunted by the haters, 'cause I'm an Aries warrior.”

5. Give a Nod to Their Natural Born Leadership

5. Give a Nod to Their Natural Born Leadership

All hail the leaders of the zodiac! An Aries' natural leadership skills deserve some spotlight in your lyrics.

Make sure you give them their due:

  • “Like an Aries king or queen, I lead my crew.”
  • “A visionary at heart, charting unexplored territory like a true ram.”
  • “Decisive and fearless – that's how an Aries runs this game”.

6. Celebrate Their Loyalty and Dedication

6. Celebrate Their Loyalty and Dedication

An Aries is fiercely loyal when it comes to friends and family.

These qualities make excellent subjects for lyrics that demonstrate warmth and appreciation:

  • “A true friend through thick and thin – that's an ARIES bond.”
  • “When you're down, I lift you up – just call me your aries support.”
  • “I'll stand by you, no matter what – that's the ARIES code.”

7. Remember to Add a Touch of Humor and Wit

7. Remember to Add a Touch of Humor and Wit

Last but not least, don't forget to inject some humor and wit into your Aries rap lyrics.

It's the perfect way to showcase their sharp minds and capture the lighter side of their personality:

  • “I'm an Aries with attitude – like a ram that loves to rhyme.”
  • “Can't tie me down, I'm too busy bustin' Aries lines.”
  • “Just like an Aries ram, I head-butt my way through life.”

Now you've got all the tips and tricks needed for crafting some dope rap lyrics about an ARIES! Remember to embrace their fire sign energy, highlight their key traits, and add a touch of humor.

With these elements combined, your lyrical game will be as unstoppable as an Aries itself.

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