Rap Lyrics About Amsterdam: Unique FREE-To-Use Kendrick, J Cole, 21 Savage, Eminem, Drake-Style

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Rap Lyrics About Amsterdam: Unique FREE-To-Use Kendrick, J Cole, 21 Savage, Eminem, Drake-Style

Kendrick Lamar-Style Rap Lyrics About Amsterdam

Rap Lyrics About Amsterdam

Now of course, these rap lyrics about amsterdam were not written by Kendrick himself… But we have used our impressive AI lyric generator to learn his style and attempt to product lyrics in his flow. Check them out below!

Lost in the hazy streets of Amsterdam
Where the neon lights blur and all my thoughts slam
People walking by, all so carefree
With their bikes and their smiles, like they're living a dream

I'm just trying to find my way through this maze
Feeling alive but lost in this daze
Every turn I take seems to be wrong
But still I keep moving along.

The coffee shops are crowded with tourists and locals
Everyone's smoking something exotic or tropical
The air is thick with the scent of weed
And everything feels like it's moving at light speed.

The canals stretch out like veins across town
And every corner holds some treasure found
Street art abounds on every wall
This city sings loud its creative call.

The Red Light District pulsates after dark
A taboo place that ignites a spark
Where sex workers await behind glass walls
An open secret that nobody calls.

This city has stories hidden deep within
A diamond in Europe, rough around its edges, yet wins.
Amsterdam never sleeps – always vibrant, always new
I come here looking for inspiration -something true.

J Cole-Style Rap Lyrics About Amsterdam

J Cole-Style Rap Lyrics About Amsterdam

If J Cole's speed is more your steez, you will like these lyrics! Try and rap them with a J Cole flow and see how it goes…

Verse 1:
I'm in Amsterdam, the city of bikes and boats
Canals and coffee shops, it's where the culture floats
Red lights that shine bright, but don't get it twisted
There's more to this place than just getting lifted

Walked through Vondelpark, saw some art on display
The Van Gogh museum made me feel some type of way
Strolled down Damrak street, cobbled stones under my feet
A city full of life with a vibe you can't beat

Anne Frank House had me feeling so somberly
Her story still echoes from these walls silently
Respectfully remembering her life was one step closer to mine

Out here smoking trees by the IJ Riverbanks
Feeling like I found peace in a world full of clanks
It’s different out here; everything is moving slow
It’s not heaven or paradise but at least there are no foes.

21 Savage-Style Rap Lyrics About Amsterdam

21 Savage-Style Rap Lyrics About Amsterdam

Can you spit these in a 21 flow? If you think something is missing, you can always generate your own in out free rap lyrics generator app and try those instead.

Verse 1:
I'm posted up in Amsterdam, getting high with my fam
Red light district got me feeling like a king, money in my hand
From the coffee shops to the canals, this city is unique
Got me talking to myself like a fool on these streets
Sipping Henny out of Heineken bottles, staying lowkey but still causing some trouble
Can't deny this place got me feeling alive, I might even stay for a while

Amsterdam, oh Amsterdam
This city got me feeling grand
From the nightclubs to the alleyways,
I'll never forget our days spent blazing away.

Verse 2:
My head's spinning from all this green, smoke clouding my vision it seems,
But I'mma keep pushing through 'til dawn,cause in Amsterdam we party until morn',
Red lights shining bright at every corner,taking over these dark corners.,
It's hard not to fall under its spell,wouldn't trade this experience for no hell.,

Eminem-Style Rap Lyrics About Amsterdam

Eminem-Style Rap Lyrics About Amsterdam

By no means is this an easy flow to Em-Ulate (see what I did there?) But, in any case, Em's flow is probably the most distinct to try and master.

Verse 1:
I'm a rap god, spitting truth like a prophet
Gonna hit you hard with some lines about Amsterdam, no need to knock it
This city's got the vibe and energy that I crave
The canals, the bikes, the coffee shops – damn they're so brave

Amsterdam, you've got me mesmerized
The beauty of your streets can never be disguised
From Red Light District to Van Gogh Museum
You are my kind of kingdom

Verse 2:
Walking through Jordaan is just like poetry in motion
The architecture's so unique it gets my emotions flowing
Can't forget about Dam Square where I took in all its glory
And don't get me started on those stroopwafels – tell me that ain't a good story

Amsterdam, you've got me mesmerized
The beauty of your streets can never be disguised
From Red Light District to Van Gogh Museum,
You are my kind of kingdom

People here know how to party and have fun all night long
Weed cafes and Heineken breweries- what could go wrong?
I feel at home here more than any other place
My love for Amsterdam will always stay ablaze

Amsterdam, you've got me mesmerized
The beauty of your streets can never be disguised
From Red Light District to Van Gogh Museum
You are my kind of kingdom

Drake-Style Rap Lyrics About Amsterdam

Drake-Style Rap Lyrics About Amsterdam

We couldn't do type-lyrics without including the man of the decade himself! These Drake rap lyrics about amsterdam are just what the doctor ordered.

Verse 1:
Amsterdam, city of dreams
Where the tulips bloom and the canals stream
Biking through the streets, feeling so free
I swear this city always brings out the best in me

Red light district, yeah it's known
But Amsterdam's got more to show
Famous museums and coffee shops too
And don't forget about those Dutch stroopwafels boo

Nights at Leidseplein are wild and loud
The party never stops, we're living proud
From techno clubs to jazz bars galore
This city's got something for everyone sure

Riding on boats while lighting up trees
Watching street performers bring life with ease
Shopping on Kalverstraat or Nine Streets
We're living good lives here no defeat

In Amsterdam, oh where do I begin?
From its rich culture to its sinful sins,
I fell in love with this gem of a place
In Amsterdam every day feels like a pace.

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