Rap Lyrics About Alcohol: Unique FREE-To-Use Kendrick, J Cole, 21 Savage, Eminem, Drake-Style

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Rap Lyrics About Alcohol: Unique FREE-To-Use Kendrick, J Cole, 21 Savage, Eminem, Drake-Style

Kendrick Lamar-Style Rap Lyrics About Alcohol

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Now of course, these rap lyrics about alcohol were not written by Kendrick himself… But we have used our impressive AI lyric generator to learn his style and attempt to product lyrics in his flow. Check them out below!

I hit the bar and I'm feeling good
Bartender pours me another, like he should
But as the night goes on, my mind gets clouded
My decisions get reckless, my words get slurred

Alcohol might make me feel invincible
But really it's just a vice that is invisible
The bottle never tells you when enough's enough
It'll take all your money and leave you in cuffs

Friends try to tell me “slow down”

They see that my drinking habits are profound

But in that moment I don't want to hear none of it

I keep going until I can't function or spit

And then comes the inevitable morning after

Filled with regrets and feeling like a disaster

Hangover got me wishing for some relief

It ain't worth it y'all – trust, believe.

J Cole-Style Rap Lyrics About Alcohol

Rap Lyrics About Alcohol

If J Cole's speed is more your steez, you will like these lyrics! Try and rap them with a J Cole flow and see how it goes…

Verse 1:
Bottles on bottles, shots in rotation
Seems like everyone's drinking without hesitation
But the more I sip, the less control I feel
And suddenly my thoughts and actions become unreal

My homie sippin' that Henny, says it's his medicine
I ain't judging him, but that liquor is deadly within
It can make you lose everything you've been working for
The money and fame don't mean much when your health is poor

I seen how alcohol could tear families apart
The fights and arguments start from a drink or two at the start
And soon enough people are saying things they didn't mean
Regretting their words until they're heard only in dreams

The party life seems to come with a side of booze
But what happens when all those memories are lost due to abuse?
I've seen too many talented souls fade away before their time
Because alcohol was one drug they couldn't decline.

21 Savage-Style Rap Lyrics About Alcohol

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Can you spit these in a 21 flow? If you think something is missing, you can always generate your own in out free rap lyrics generator app and try those instead.

I don't need no lean or vodka to get lit,
My rhymes be intoxicating, that's my true gift.
But I do like to unwind with a cold brew,
A couple of shots and I'm feeling brand new.

Living life fast, gotta keep moving,
Alcohol flowing, can't stop the grooving.
Some say it's bad for me but I don't give a damn,
It takes the edge off and lets me be who I am.

Sometimes people judge because they don't understand,
That alcohol calms my nerves when life is in demand.
They tell me to slow down and take it easy on the booze,
But sometimes you gotta let loose and just choose.

It's not about getting drunk or being reckless,
Just taking a sip here and there, keeping everything in check.
So if you see me with a drink in hand, don't judge or hate,
Just know that I'm enjoying myself – living life without restraint.

Eminem-Style Rap Lyrics About Alcohol

Eminem-Style Rap Lyrics About Alcohol

By no means is this an easy flow to Em-Ulate (see what I did there?) But, in any case, Em's flow is probably the most distinct to try and master.

Verse 1:
Sippin' on a bottle, no water, just alcohol
Got demons in my head that I can't control
One shot turns to two and then three
I'm tryna numb the pain but it's still here with me

Alcohol is my escape from reality
But it's slowly killing me, can't you see?
I need to break free from this toxic cycle
Before I lose myself completely in the bottle

Verse 2:
Bartender keeps pouring, don't know when to stop
Friends tell me slow down but I won't listen, I'm off
Blackout nights turn into regretful mornings
Waking up hungover with no warning

Alcohol is my escape from reality
But it's slowly killing me, can't you see?
I need to break free from this toxic cycle
Before I lose myself completely in the bottle

Verse 3:
Thinking back on all the stupid things I've done
Drunk texts and calls that made me look dumb
I used to think alcohol was my friend
Now it's turned into a deadly trend

Alcohol is my escape from reality
But it's slowly killing me, can't you see?
I need to break free from this toxic cycle
Before I lose myself completely in the bottle

Drake-Style Rap Lyrics About Alcohol

Drake-Style Rap Lyrics About Alcohol

We couldn't do type-lyrics without including the man of the decade himself! These Drake rap lyrics about alcohol are just what the doctor ordered.

Yeah, I'm sippin' on that liquor
Got me feelin' like a winner
But the more I drink, the more I sin, yeah
I know it's bad but I can't resist her

Thoughts get hazy, vision's blurry
Mixing different types of spirits in a hurry
Feelin' good at first but then comes the worry
‘Bout what I said and did while under this fury

Alcohol my escape from reality
But my liver pays the price eventually
My thoughts clouded by its toxicity
Can't even function without its legality

It starts as just one drink
Then morphs into multiple before you can think
The hangover pain is real and distinct
Yet tomorrow we'll repeat this dangerous brink

I see those bottles lined up by the bar
And suddenly all my problems seem so far
But soon enough they become who we are
Holding us captive behind mental bars

I don't condone it but can't deny
That drinking has its moments to supply
Moments that make you feel alive and fly
But be careful not to let it swallow you whole before your time

In conclusion alcohol is a double edged sword
A temporary release or permanent discord
Be wise when indulging in these shots poured
For too much of anything leaves one floored.

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