Rap Lyrics About A Son: Unique FREE-To-Use Kendrick, J Cole, 21 Savage, Eminem, Drake-Style

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Rap Lyrics About A Son: Unique FREE-To-Use Kendrick, J Cole, 21 Savage, Eminem, Drake-Style

Kendrick Lamar-Style Rap Lyrics About a Son

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Nope, these rap lyrics about a son were not written by Kendrick Lamar himself… But we have used our impressive FREE lyrics generator tool to learn his flow and replicate his style!

Check them out below!

Look, I was raised by the hyphens, commas, semicolons,//
Just a son of syntax, tryna find my way through this phonix.//
Momma stressed, pops gone, everyday a life lesson.//
Walkin' them lines between the sins that I'm confessin'.//

Raised in isolation, ain't no need for vaccination,//
Since my birthright revolved around determination.//
Found my voice in the booth; yellin', screamin', and prayin',//
That one day I break free from these chains that I've been layin'.//

Like Harriet Tubman runnin', I keep pushin' for survival,//
Reaching out to my idols: Kendrick, Nas, and Biggie's vinyls.//
Balancing the scales of justice with a pencil and Bible.//
Writing scriptures; it's like breathing, becoming vital.

Eyes on horizon – future bright like Edison invention,//
Puttin' power in these words – turning thoughts into progression.//
My legacy's embedded in everything that scars -sacrifice,//

I'm just a shepherd guiding sheep to that paradise.//

J Cole-Style Rap Lyrics About a Son

Rap Lyrics About A Son

If J Cole's lyrical prowess is more your style, you will love these lyrics! Try and spit them with a J Cole flow and see how it goes…

They said my seed was a curse, but I saw the blessing//
A young king in the making, yeah, I'm confessing//
A life lessons teacher through the blood that we bleed//
From my spirit to his heart, we share a common creed//

I see him grow up like a phoenix from the ashes//
My little man scrapin' knees, chasin' dreams in flashes//
Takin' first steps like his pops on this journey//
Wipe away his tears when he stumbles and falls yearly//

Livin' life through his eyes, I'm reborn with new vision//
Inspiration can't be tamed or kept locked up in prison//
He's my bright sunshine of hope piercing through clouds of doubt//
With every step he takes, my love for him shouts out loud//

Son, keep pushing forward as you follow your soul///
Remember your roots as you chase untold golds //
I'll be right here beside you like stars in the night sky//
‘Til we reunite again when it's time for me to fly high.'//

21 Savage-Style Rap Lyrics About a Son

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Can you spit these in a 21 flow? If you think something is missing, you can always generate your own in our free rap lyric generator tool and try those instead.
You already know how much 21 Savage references himself in his adlibs…

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Born a savage, my daddy made this way //
21 genes runnin' deep in my DNA //
Came out the womb, grinnin' like I hit the bank //
Gotta live up to pops, that's just the family rank //

Lookin' back at my life, mirror reflection insane //
Pops taught me loyalty first, always stick to the game //
Struggle's real but I know some lessons never change //
So follow in his footsteps like blood flowing through veins //

No heart , but got love for my father tho' //
Yeah, he did some wrongs but his teachings, I'll never let go //
Got ambition in my eyes, destiny to be great //
So I'mma rise like an eagle gotta keep the family safe //

Ridin' dirty in these streets, watch out for my foes //
My legacy is written in ink and written bold //
But when it comes down to it, all you need to understand //
I'm a Savage cause of pops and now it's time for me to take a stand.

Eminem-Style Rap Lyrics About a Son

Eminem-Style Rap Lyrics About a Son

By no means is this an easy flow to Em-Ulate (see what I did there?) But, in any case, Em's flow is probably the most distinct to try and master.

I'm just a son trying to find my way //
In this twisted world, like a lost tray //
Father's footsteps, I just want to chase //
But life hits me with a bat, straight in the face //

Mother's tears drip, while I'm in the dark //
This silent pain, ripping me apart //
She prays for me as I embark //
Trying to ignite, this broken spark //

I tread that line, between love and hate //
Bending these bars, can't stop my fate //
A son in conflict, facing demons so innate //
Trying to rise above and find my own escape //

A tale of despair, sung through my eyes //
Lost on this road, seeking out those ties //
But someday the son will break through these skies //
Finally free his wings and learn how to fly.

Drake-Style Rap Lyrics About a Son

Drake-Style Rap Lyrics About a Son

We couldn't do type-lyrics without including the man of the time himself! These Drake rap lyrics about a son are just what the engineer ordered.

Born from the best, yeah you know that's my pedigree //
Pops gave me strength, like Hercules in my legacy //
Mama's love, essential, it was part of the recipe //
I'm their pride and joy, a son with no discrepancy //

Family ties deep like an anchor in the sea //
Got a queen beside me, only royalty can see //
Fulfilling prophecies that they spoke into me //
I am their vision, alive and breathing so gracefully //

Got my father's wisdom and I'm aiming for the stars //
Momma beaming as I carry her heart in every bar //
Lessons learned from their struggles be keeping me on guard //
Look, I made a million but I never held a playing card //

Raised right, never been too far from their touch //
They had faith in me when this life was getting rough //
They made a king out of a boy with hard work as enough //
A spitting image of them both to prove we more than tough.

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7 Tips For Crafting The Perfect Song And Rap Lyrics About a Son

I am sure I've helped you with the basic lyrics, but you're gonna want to put your personality all over it! Here are some tips to help you do that:

1. Embrace Your Inner Storyteller

1. Embrace Your Inner Storyteller

One of the most powerful ways to write dope rap lyrics about your son is to focus on telling a story. Remember, you're not just spitting bars – you're painting a picture of life for your listeners.

Think about the journey you've been on with your child, the ups and downs, and channel that into your lyrics.

Try starting with a phrase or line that captures an emotion or memory, then build on it as you weave together a narrative that reflects your relationship with your son. Don't be afraid to get vulnerable – honest storytelling will make your lyrics more relatable and impactful.

2. Make It Personal and Genuine

2. Make It Personal and Genuine

There's nothing more disingenuous than pretending to be something you're not in rap.

When writing lyrics about your son, make sure they come from the heart – not from what you think people want to hear.

Think about:

  • Your specific experiences together.
  • The lessons he's taught you and vice versa.
  • Your hopes and dreams for his future.
  • The little things that make him uniquely himself (and maybe even drive you crazy!).

By zeroing in on these personal details and emotions, you'll create dope rap lyrics that are truly one-of-a-kind – just like your bond with your son.

3. Get Creative With Wordplay & Rhyme Schemes

3. Get Creative With Wordplay & Rhyme Schemes

To truly craft some dope rap lyrics, flex those creative muscles by experimenting with wordplay and rhyme schemes.

This can help make even the most sentimental story sound fresh and captivating.

Try incorporating:

  • Alliteration:“My determined, diligent, dazzling little dude…”
  • Metaphors: “He’s the sunrise that brightens my every day…”
  • Similes: “His smile's like a beacon in the darkest storm…”

Remember to play around with rhyme schemes and internal rhymes as well – this will give your verses an engaging rhythm and flow.

4. Drop Cultural References & Inside Jokes

4. Drop Cultural References & Inside Jokes

Nothing says “dope” like a witty reference or inside joke woven seamlessly into your rap lyrics. It shows off your cleverness while also adding depth to your story about your son.

Think about movies, TV shows, music, or even memes that you both enjoy together. Then find creative ways to incorporate these moments into your lyrical content.

Not only will this add a touch of humor and relatability to your rap, but it'll also make for some great bonding moments as you watch listeners try to catch all the references.

5. Pump Up The Positivity & Braggadocio

5. Pump Up The Positivity & Braggadocio

One key element of dope rap lyrics is the art of braggadocio – talking yourself (or someone else) up in a fun and boastful way. What better way to celebrate your son than by hyping him up?

Share his accomplishments, talents, and strengths in a way that makes him the star of the show.

Don't be afraid to get playful with it – this is about having fun as much as it is about celebrating your son's greatness.

6. Show Growth: Make Your Verses A Journey

6. Show Growth: Make Your Verses A Journey

Dope rap lyrics are dynamic – they don't stay in one place. Make sure each verse tells a different part of the story when rapping about your son:

  • Verse 1: Baby days – midnight feedings, first steps, and sleepless nights.
  • Verse 2: The school years – from parent-teacher conferences to crushing on classmates.
  • Verse 3: The future – your dreams for your son and the man he'll become.

By showing growth over time in your lyrics, you'll give listeners an emotional journey that keeps them engaged from start to finish.

7. Break It Down: Use the Bridge for Reflection

7. Break It Down: Use the Bridge for Reflection

While having dope rap lyrics is crucial, it's also important to remember that every good song needs a moment of reflection. This is where the bridge comes in.

Use the bridge as a space to get real and reflect on your journey with your son. Talk about the tough times and how you've both grown through them together.

This will add depth and emotion to your rap while also giving listeners a moment to appreciate everything you've shared.

When crafting dope rap lyrics about your son, remember that it's all about being genuine, creative, and engaging. By embracing storytelling, playing with language and rhyme schemes, and keeping things personal, you're sure to create powerful lyrics that resonate with listeners – while paying tribute to one of the most important people in your life.

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