Promotion for Musicians: Top 10 Places for Music Review Submission in 2024

You’ve probably heard of a couple of independent artists whose popularity exploded overnight after their music reviews went viral on social media or music websites. As a musician, you may be wondering where to submit your music for review with the guarantee that it will be received and help your overall brand growth.

You may or may not know that Industry Hackerz offers a music review and submission service to help artists looking to create a buzz around their name. If you've already used our service, and are hungry for more opportunities, this post won't disappoint.

While you and I know about Billboard and Rolling Stone, it's no secret that getting your music on these platforms, especially as a new musician, would be like boiling the ocean.

So I've explored ten of the best sites for music review submission to help you spread your music to the world. The best thing about them is that they accept submissions of a wide spectrum of music genres, so, keep reading!

Promotion for Musicians: Top 10 Places for Music Review Submission in 2024

This Song Is Sick

This Song Is Sick: Promotion for Musicians

Topping our list is one of the most established blogs, which was started at a CU dorm by a student in 2010. With an audience of millions of music lovers spanning more than 110 countries, This Song Is Sick (TSIS) is known for its dedication to bringing new artists into the spotlight, giving them the push they need. 

In not more than three paragraphs, they share plenty of new content every day specifically for electronic, indie, hip hop, and alternative music genres. All you have to do to get your content uploaded is to fill in a submission form and you are good to go. 

Note that while submitting the forms, they’ll ask you to select between an exclusive premier and regular post to complete the process.

If you don’t want TSIS to share your music with other publications or blogs that will review your music instantly, you should select the “exclusive” option. It is a proven way of avoiding the shiny opportunity syndrome. 

One of the highlights for using TSIS for your music reviews is that they may showcase you on their SoundCloud profile. The fact that they have over 700,000 followers is an ace up your sleeve. 

The Word Is Bond

The Word Is Bond Is one of the Top 10 Places for Music Review Submission

The Word Is Bond comes second on our list. Having founded in 2010, its primary goal is to promote the underground hip-hop artists and emcees by sharing their underexposed music. They don’t just publish music and album reviews but also upload short multi-media content that highlights the classic type of hip hop which almost suffocated due to an overbearing commercial influence.  

Like their previous counterparts, they provide submission forms for any hip hop and jazz musician. Ensure to contact them via [email protected], then read, comprehend, and follow their pre-highlighted submission terms.

If they’ll like your responses, they’ll send you a notification accepting your review request.

What’s more? This music blog gives you the chance to add a short bio to your review where you can link to either Bandcamp or SoundCloud. So, if you want to increase your SoundCloud views, you should consider uploading your music to The Word Is Bond. 

Acid Stag

Acid Stag

Acid Stag is a clean and attractive music blog that refreshes daily with lots of new content. Despite being an Australian-based platform, it accepts submissions from new artists around the globe.

However, they only cover short-form reviews of electronic music, vapor soul, indie-dance, indietronica, house, and alternative-R&B/Soul. 

What sets Acid Stag apart is that it’s recognized by Hyper Machine, another top music blog. They also require you to include a SoundCloud link for every submission, meaning there’s a chance of increasing your viewership on the platform.

There are two main ways of submitting your music for review on Acid Stag; you can either send them an email or submit via their portal

The downside of emailing Acid Stag directly is that they may take several days to respond, thanks to the multiple submissions they receive daily.

The latter method, on the other hand, guarantees you immediate feedback. Other secondary submission methods are by SUBMITHUB & GROOVER.

If you are interested, ensure to read through their submission guidelines before presenting your work to avoid not being picked.

Little Indie Blogs

Little Indie Blogs

If you are just getting started, one of the best ways of boosting your budding career is by submitting your music to be reviewed by Little Indie Blogs. They upload new Indie music reviews daily from around the world to be read by millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter. Ensure you have both accounts before going ahead. 

Submitting your music on the site is as easy as pie. You only have to send them an email while also adhering to their strict submission guidelines, found on their website.

For every submission, you must include a SoundCloud, Spotify, or Bandcamp link plus a few other pieces of information about yourself and your music. 

It’s worth noting that Little Indie Blogs covers new songs only. Its best not to submit music that exceeds three months post-production, since it will be deleted automatically. 

Gorilla vs. Bear

Gorilla vs. Bear

Gorilla vs. Bear is another top blog that features relevant musicians of the day. Initially referred to as “The New Yorker of Hipster Blogs,” this site has previously been recognized as one of the best music blogs on the web by Rolling Stone, URB Magazine, and The Independent, UK.  This site is the ultimate go-to choice for new and upcoming musicians who want to break through. 

Such huge recognitions not only make them influential but also reputable. 

Their coverage is not limited to any specific genre, they focus on all kinds of music. The site accepts submissions without preset guidelines or terms.

Their only downside is the rate at which they update the content on their website, which isn’t as frequent as their competitors. 

To submit your music, you ought to send an email to [email protected] and they’ll respond if all goes well.. 

Sidekick Music

Sidekick Music

Besides operating as an electronic music record label, Sidekick Music is a renowned music blog with a strong preference for Nu Disco and Indie music. Their team of curators is constantly on the lookout for new music to cover on their blog. 

To reach out, you can either email them directly or fill out a submission form on their website, providing information about yourself and the music you want to be reviewed. 

It’s noteworthy that Sidekick Music will promote your music on TikTok, Apple Music, and Spotify, which is the most visited music site. In that case, you shouldn’t hesitate to send your submission if you want more plays on those platforms. 

Consequence of Sound

Consequence of Sound

Consequence of Sound is a popular music blog that has been connecting music lovers with millions of music makers from various genres over the last 15 years.

They don’t have any specifications for the kind of music they cover. In that case, it’s worth taking a look at their website.  

While the New York-based online publication doesn’t list any submission guidelines, it’s no secret that you can only send them your music via email.

There’s no guarantee, however, that they’ll cover it in their blog. This is perhaps because they cover a range of other content as well, including related news, film, and TV. 

Louder Than War

Louder Than War

As the name suggests, Louder Than War is another top music blog that’s capable of getting your music to a large audience instantly. The UK-based website reviews music from all corners of the world, whether its the African rhythms, Japanese freak noise, the English punk or the Mexican quiff bot.  You present it, they review it.

The site is updated daily with fresh music news, album reviews, and other music-related stuff. If you feel you can make a good submission within any genre, do not hesitate to send it. They are actively looking for submissions from young talents.

Louder Than War has simple submission guidelines, typically requiring you to submit a link to your music on Spotify, Apple Music, or any other online music streaming service.

In addition, you’ll be prompted to describe your sound and mention a popular artist or band that sings like you. While coverage is not guaranteed, the site is worth trying. 



Another popular music blog worth mentioning is SYFFAL. It is a no-bullshit website that reviews any kind of music sent their way, as long as it observes the submission guidelines. 

It's important to note that SYFALL doesn’t post negative song reviews on its site. If you feel your song is below par, please keep it to yourself. In fact, their websites clearly state that they’ll just laugh it away in private “while sipping a delicious sangria with a spear of tropical fruitz.”

Just like other music blogs on this list, they are after quality content but they will accept your music without minding how long you’ve starred in the game. 

A&R Factory

A&R Factory

A&R Factory isn’t just an award-winning music review blog but a consultancy website for musicians. Perhaps it’s the shared roles that hold them back from updating their content regularly. Nonetheless, it is an awesome site that accepts Indie music, jazz, hip hop, rock, and EDMs. 

To get your music reviewed on A&R Factory, you must fill out a submission form found on their website. Please note that there’s no guarantee it will be reviewed – it depends on the quality of your music and your adherence to their submission guidelines. 

While submitting music, you’ll be asked to link to your website, bio, Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud. You must also add an artwork or artist image that’ll be used as your bio image. If your submission is reviewed, they’ll notify you via email. 

Final Thoughts

Getting your music reviewed shouldn’t be difficult, considering multiple music blogs are willing to do it. It’s evident that such sites only require you to send a submission form or craft an email pitch. Ensure you follow the site’s guidelines while also submitting high-quality music. 

After going through this list, I hope you know the ultimate music review submission site for your kind of music – although trying a couple of them won’t hurt. Good luck getting it reviewed!

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