Studio 14 Sound

Studio 14 Sound

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Rich Bischoff
872 W 2325 S, Perry, UT 84302, Perry, Utah, United States
Utah, United States

Everything You Need To Know About Studio 14 Sound: The Highlights!

Studio 14 Sound, located in Perry/Brigham City, Utah, is a world-class recording studio.

Studio Sound 14 was founded by Rich Biscoff.

Studio 14 arose from the desire of Rich to give a means for other working artists to produce excellent-sounding albums without having to travel to Nashville or Los Angeles or spend a fortune.

Studio 14

What Services Do Studio 14 Sound Offer?

Studio 14 offers an excellent and reasonably priced recording experience from the pre-production to post-production phase.

Whether recording an entire album or a demo, Studio Sound 14 provides excellent sound quality at an affordable price.

Studio 14 can record you or your band utilizing high-quality microphones, analog microphone preamps, and other analog gear.

Once all of the parts have been recorded, Studio 14 will balance them, make them more punchy, and apply additional effects based on the project or your preference in sound. This process is known as mixing.

Studio 14 also provides mastering, in which they reduce the tracks/parts to a stereo track.

At this stage, Studio 14 will refine the music by applying EQ, compression, limiting (professional audio geek-speak), and adjusting the level.

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