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Sound Asylum Studios

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Sound Asylum Studios
101 N 12th St UNIT 103, Tampa, FL 33602, Tampa, Florida, United States 33602
Florida, United States

There are three studios equipped with a combination of cozy, warm analog hardware and cutting-edge digital equipment. Other high-end microphones include Neumann, Sennheiser, Soundelux, and others.

With video playback, it makes advantage of Pro Tools Ultimate DAWs. They either have small, soundproof booths or enormous rooms for bigger tasks. In addition, it is close to a number of restaurants and coffee shops. They create innovative soundscapes to elicit an emotional response, whether it be in a movie soundtrack or a:30 TV commercial.

Their soundscape is huge; they blend deep ambiences and bone-shaking tonal textures expertly while utilizing extensive SFX libraries, performing Foley, and working with extensive SFX libraries. Dialog Replacement Automation. synced with the image. by using Source Connect Pro, locked to your primary studio.

Director viewing talent and video playback via Teams, SessionLinkPRO, or Zoom. By using Source Connect Pro, Source Connect Now, Zoom, SessionLinkPRO, Cleanfeed, or Teams, they can connect live to your studio, the director, or voice talent. Tim Fowler has written music in every genre imaginable, including full symphonic, independent, rock and country, acapella, cinematic, electronic dance music, and everything in between.

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