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2559 Antioch Rd, Scottsville, VA 24590, Scottsville, Virginia, United States
Virginia, United States

Everything You Need to Know About Mountain Fever Records: The Highlights!

Mountain Fever Records was created nearly by chance more than a decade ago. 

As a pastime, founder Mark Hodges assisted friends and neighbors with their recording projects and decided it was time to create a new recording studio.

Mountain Fever Studios and its accompanying Mountain Fever Records have established a quality standard in the production and recording of Bluegrass music and other genres.

Mark Hodges

What Services Do Mountain Fever Records Offer?

Mountain Fever Records is delighted to offer a variety of services to its artists. 

Mountain Fever Records help with project production by offering their cutting-edge recording studio, engineering, mixing, mastering, promotion, and publicity, as well as radio, media, and tour assistance.

Although each agreement at Mountain Fever is significantly tailored to accommodate the demands of our artists, they know without a doubt that they are completely behind them.

Mountain Fever Records' commitment to quality distinguishes it from its competitors.

Mountain Fever Records has excellent performers and continues with intelligent composition, careful production, efficient recording, structured promotion, and essential connections that eventually result in quality products.

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