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Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison
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New York, New York, United States 10019
New York, United States

The goals are to make a living, experience the activation and enjoyment of worthwhile journey, and govern themselves as members of a free democratic society with duties to their vocation and their country by consolidating their energies, talents, and assets to achieve the highest level of excellence in the practice of the art, the science, and the career of law.

They are aware of the fact that they do their business in New York City, a multicultural area that serves as the largest international and financial hub in the Western world.

They are committed to upholding the community's distinctive diversity of religious, political, ethnic, and social origins by actively seeking out partners and associates who share these values. They hope that by adopting this policy, they would be able to better serve their customers by expanding their knowledge and contacts with the outside world, while also improving their personal life and showcasing the benefits of applying democratic principles to the structure of a law business.

They also adhere to democratic ideals in the firm's governance, including the hiring of new employees, and they work to bind partners and associates in a close bond in a relaxed setting that fosters both productivity and camaraderie.

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