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Music City Law, PLLC
Nashville, Tennessee, United States 37203
Tennessee, United States

Attorneys David Goldman and Seamus Kelly formed Music City Law in 2019 after more than ten years of combined experience working for Nashville law companies. At Music City Law, they strive to provide their clients with an unrivaled level of personal service and value by fusing the expertise and rigor of a traditional law practice with the adaptability and creativity of contemporary disruptive innovation.

First off, because the founders spent many years working for traditional law firms, they have first-hand knowledge of the effort and dedication required to offer clients high-quality legal services, as well as which procedures are outdated "that's just the way we do things" customs.

There are many approaches to revolutionize the practice of law that benefit the client, even while there is no place for slack in case preparation or trial preparation.

For instance, we can manage well-organized and easily available digital files, receive payments, and transmit sensitive data using military-grade encryption throughout the entirety of the matter, from the day it opens to the day it is closed.

Second, they maintain low overhead costs so that their legal prices may remain competitive, increasing the number of Nashvillians who have access to top-notch legal services. In their office, you won't discover a big library or the scent of rich mahogany; instead, you'll only find a few laptops with identical content and the scent of freshly made coffee.

Just basic space and a few images of their canines, no rooftop meeting rooms or ornate artwork. In the end, they understand that current socio-economic trends make it less probable for the average person to have sufficient money to meet their legal needs, but they do not believe that this should prevent regular people from having access to top-notch representation.

Third, lawyers are "people people," and if you need a lawyer, you probably have a lot of stress and anxiety about the future. You won't ever be treated like a number at Music City Law because they want all of their customers to remain lifelong clients, regardless of how straightforward their immediate legal requirements may be.

They tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, when crucial choices regarding your case need to be made.

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