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Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States 19103
Pennsylvania, United States

Morgan Lewis offers customers in a variety of business sectors and geographical locations high-quality litigation, corporate, labor and employment, and intellectual property services.

Being a true partner to their clients is how their company truly succeeds. They are aware that crucial connections like these are based on their clients' confidence in Morgan Lewis' in-depth familiarity with their financial and operational requirements, career objectives, and ambitions in their communities.

To satisfy the diverse legal demands of their clients across industries, they consistently invest considerable resources in expanding our data centers and bolstering the specialized talents of its flexible team of legal, business, finance, and technology specialists.

ECS, or exceptional client service, is the cornerstone of our approach to providing superior legal guidance. All of their client-facing staff go through an engaging, comprehensive training that instills the absolute best client service practices in order to optimize a constant and cooperative relationship.

Due to the loyalty this fosters, 58 of their top 100 clients have been with them for more than 20 years. One of the numerous ways they maintain and build new, enduring ties with their clients is through their ECS training.

Morgan Lewis, one of the first companies to offer alternative fee arrangements (AFAs), recognizes the value of developing creative alternative pricing alternatives that take into account our clients' legal spend while still achieving significant results.

The business operations department has completely changed the way they handle the financial aspects of legal representation and is the cornerstone of Morgan Lewis' legal business. As the circumstances surrounding a particular situation change, we have many ways of determining who will serve their client in the greatest way.

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