Law Office of Simon Rosen

Law Office of Simon Rosen

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Law Office of Simon Rosen
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States 19106
Pennsylvania, United States

Simon Rosen, Esq. has 35 years of legal experience in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since the 1980s until the present, Attorney Rosen has represented, and continues to represent, individuals and organizations throughout the United States and the world in the entertainment business.

His legal practice consists of LITIGATION, ENTERTAINMENT, GENERAL CIVIL & CRIMINAL PRACTICE. A skilled litigator, Attorney Rosen may represent you whether you are the plaintiff or the named defendant in a civil or criminal case, depending on your situation. The needs of his client are what attorney Rosen strives to fulfill.

Transactional work makes up the majority of what lawyers who specialize in entertainment law do. Typically, the lawyer will draft, scrutinize, and negotiate contracts on behalf of the performer, musician, or entertainment.

When signing a record deal, having an attorney on hand can make all the difference for artists. Simon Rosen helps artists by preparing their EPKs and shopping packages, connecting them with industry contracts, and laying the groundwork for deal-hunting.

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