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Justice Law Center
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States 89104
Nevada, United States

Every civil case that is heard in family court is full of tension and apprehension. Some of the most significant cases that this firm can take on are divorces, custody disputes, and concerns with parental rights. This is due to the fact that their family are always the people who are closest to them, and it can be terrifying when something happens to try to upset them. It is crucial to have a level-headed and skilled family attorney represent you in court and fight for what is just and fair since it is so easy to allow oneself to become blinded by that fear and emotion.

Bret Whipple, an accomplished litigator and trial lawyer, founded the Justice Law Center. This indicates that, if necessary, Bret has the confidence to take your case to trial because he has the knowledge and experience from a long career to do so. In order to avoid having to put in the extra effort necessary to obtain what is reasonable and fair, many other family lawyers will attempt to accept the first settlement offer made, regardless of whether it is the best one for you.

Bret Whipple cares about his clients and won't stop until your matter has been satisfactorily settled. If it necessitates going to trial, he and his team are prepared to do that.

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