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Jeffrey Randa and Associates

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Jeffrey Randa and Associates
Troy, Michigan, United States 48083
Michigan, United States

As Michigan DUI attorneys, they are aware that it is crucial to prevent as many potential negative outcomes and penalties as possible if you are charged with a Michigan DUI. All things considered, an OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) case boils down to this: "SUCCESS IN A DUI CASE IS BEST MEASURED BY WHAT DOES NOT HAPPEN TO YOU."

The complexity of Michigan's drunk driving rules and the many circumstances that go into each individual case make them difficult to handle, but attaining the best results is what matters most.

This law practice, which represents clients in Michigan who need their driver's licenses restored, promises to succeed in every appeal for clearance and license restoration that they submit. You will just have to pay them once, and you will get your driving privilege back. In the end, you either get your license back or you don't.

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