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Hertz Schram Law Firm
Detroit, Michigan, United States 48226
Michigan, United States

Hertz Schram is a company with enduring principles and a history of innovation. They have stayed true to the foundations of customer care and expertise throughout their forty-year history as a full-service law office. In courtrooms and boardrooms in their neighborhood and across the nation, their seasoned attorneys command high regard.

Their enthusiastic next generation of attorneys adds fresh perspectives and practice areas while making use of the rapidly advancing technologies required for legal practice in the twenty-first century. What's next? is a constant theme in our firm's culture, which is defined by innovation, expansion, and adaptability.

The founders of Hertz Schram PC started their careers in Detroit more than forty years ago. They are now going back to the city where it all started and where it will all start over again.

This is a tale of ongoing innovation. They are seeking for ways to develop, transform, and improve just like the city of Detroit. They are reimagining the future rather than going back and reliving the past. adding fresh talent with new ideas and new practice areas. They still remain true to who they are. Quite the opposite. They are going back to it. Keep an eye on their next move.

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