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Bongiovi Law Firm
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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States 89128
Nevada, United States

A new or expanding business must take the crucial step of creating a legal entity. Each type of business has unique liability concerns, tax ramifications, and ownership constraints.

Making the right decisions up front is far simpler and less expensive than trying to correct mistakes later. It's simple to make a mistake with all the laws and rules that are in place.

You've established your company, had a lawyer create the necessary paperwork, and are now ready to focus on running the actual business. How do you acquire funds? Where do you locate customers? What happens if you need to increase your facilities or workforce? How do you maintain the momentum of the train?

These are the queries that a lawyer does not frequently answer. A lawyer with business training and experience, however, can help with more than simply the legal facets of your company. To help with that, there is Bongiovi Law.

They offer their corporate counsel services on an as-needed basis to developing companies who are on the cusp of needing in-house counsel full-time or to legal departments that are already in place but could use some assistance.

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