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BNR Studios
North Carolina, United States 28202
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

BNR Promotions was established in 2011. They have offices in Los Angeles and Charlotte, North Carolina. Numerous original video, audio, and film services are available from them. The business has used excellent expertise and ingenuity to carve out a position for itself in the audio visual market in just five short years.

Your event images and films can be produced, edited, and color-corrected by them. You can receive a thorough evaluation of your current artistic standing. In other words, BNR assists you in performing your SWOT analysis by assisting you in identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

They aid in both short-term and long-term goal-setting. You can hold album listening events in their premium venue. For band practice, vocal coaching, or any other type of practice, you can use their studio. Use their top-notch audio and video production facilities to produce amazing music and visuals. Their studio is available for a variety of tasks, including engineering, mixing, and mastering.

You can make use of their qualified videographers to record all of your in-studio sessions. This could end up being an effective marketing tool! Bring your lyrics or a script, and leave with a 3-hour music video that was captured with two 5-D cameras. Additionally, if the artists are covered by insurance at the venues, you also get lighting, grip, etc. You can use top-notch RED Dragon Cameras for an 8-hour video shoot.

On the condition that the artists have obtained insurance at the places, you also receive lighting, grip, etc. Take advantage of the two hours of fun photography with one of their finest photographers. Bring your script and receive 2 hours of video coverage, in-studio footage, an interview, and support for a 1-hour music video shoot done.

Make use of the BNR Promotions Social Media Promo team to increase your following and engagement on social media! You can use their 22-foot billboard truck to promote local events or your goods and services around the east coast. Take use of their knowledgeable and resourceful staff to market your album or release locally, nationally, or regionally!

One of the top studios for promotions, music, production, and cinema is BNR Promotions. Their team is made up of a variety of talented individuals, astute filmmakers, and competitive thinkers that combine their skills and enthusiasm to produce the top-notch productions you deserve.

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