Lyrics About Graduation: Free to Use, Edit, and Take Inspiration From

Graduation is a huge accomplishment! It's the end of one journey and the beginning of another. For many people, it feels like a new beginning.

A time to start fresh and do something great with our lives. As you prepare to graduate, it's important to take some time to celebrate this milestone.

And what better way to do that than by writing your own lyrics about graduation?

In this blog post, we will provide you with free lyrics about graduation that you can use however you please! We hope they inspire you as much as they have inspired us!

Lyrics About Graduation: Free to Use, Edit, and Take Inspiration From

11 Lyrics About Graduation

Untitled 1

Untitled 1

We been through a lot together

Right from the start of college to the days past

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We stayed up all night talking about everything

All those times that we almost didn't make it

And at first I didn't wanna leave 'cause of you

But now that I'm gone and all you have left of me

I wish I would've told you how much I care

And now that it's over I wish I could turn back the time

To that day where we met again for the first time.

Untitled 2

It's been a long time coming

But we finally made it

We did it!

We survived all the all-nighters

And we made it through all the fights

We stuck together and now we're graduating

So let's celebrate tonight!

We'll party like there's no tomorrow

Because this is our time to shine

We'll never forget these memories

We made together

So let's make the most of tonight!

Untitled 3

I almost never graduated

I was close to being done

But I didn't make it

I'm not the only one

It's hard to say goodbye

When you're not ready to leave

But we all have to go sometime

So make the most of every day

You never know when it will be your last

So enjoy your time while you can

Untitled 4

Finally, we made it to the finish line

After years of hard work and dedication

We're finally graduating college

And we couldn't be more proud

This is a moment we'll never forget

We've worked so hard for this day

And we're ready to take on the world

There's nothing that can stop us now

Untitled 5

It's been a long journey, many years in the making

Trying to get this diploma, had to stay focused and motivated

Praying for the best, now it's time to take flight

Finally graduating college, feeling so elated!

Can't believe it's real, this moment is so special

All my loved ones here to celebrate with me

So much hard work and dedication, now it's time to reap the rewards

My future is looking bright, can't wait to see what lies ahead!

Untitled 6 (Lyrics About Almost Not Graduating)

Almost didn't make it, but I'm glad that I did

I almost didn't graduate, but I'm glad that I stuck with it

It was tough, but I managed to pull through

Now I'm finally a graduate, and I couldn't be more proud

I worked so hard for this day, and it feels so surreal

I can't wait to see what the future holds for me

But for now, I'm just going to enjoy this momentous occasion!

Untitled 7

It's been a long and winding road, but we've finally made it to the end

We stuck together through thick and thin, and now we're graduating college

It's been a time of growth and learning, and we've accomplished so much

We're ready to take on the world, now that we have our degrees in hand

Untitled 8 (Lyrics About Finally Graduating)

Untitled 8 (Lyrics About Finally Graduating)

It's been a long four years,

and I'm so glad that it's over

I'm finally graduating,

and now I'm a college graduate!

I can't believe it's happened,

but now I'm ready for the next step

I'm excited to see what the future holds,

now that I've completed my schooling

I want to thank all of those who helped me along the way,

and I'm looking forward to what's ahead!

Untitled 9 (Lyrics About Inspiration For Graduating From College)

Untitled 9 (Lyrics About Inspiration For Graduating From College)

I'm just a youngin' from the Midwest,

tryna make a way for myself,

and I know that I can do it,

I got faith in myself.

I'm workin' hard towards my degree,

and I'm not gonna let nobody stop me,

I'm gonna make my family proud,

I'm gonna make it out.

One day I'll be standing on that stage,

looking out at all of them faces,

and I'll know that everything I did was worth it,

because now I'm a graduate.

Untitled 10 (Lyrics About What It Takes To Graduate)

Untitled 10 (Lyrics About What It Takes To Graduate)

It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears

to make it to the finish line,

but when you finally graduate,

it's all worth it in the end.

You gotta stay focused and motivated,

and never give up on your dreams,

because if you work hard enough,

anything is possible.

There will be obstacles along the way,

but if you believe in yourself,

you'll be able to overcome anything.

So keep your head up and never give up,

because one day you'll be graduating with flying colors!

Untitled 11 (Lyrics About Never Graduating)

Funny thing about college is that I never graduated

Was never supposed to graduate anyway

And I feel like I'm never gonna get out of here alive

Nothing really changed since freshman year

Just a couple of more beers before class

Late nights spent listening to Dr. Dre

My schedule was basically the same every week

All my friends were dropping out of school too

Getting jobs in the grocery or bagging groceries

But if I ever wanted to get a job I had to do better in school

I had to prove to the one person that could make or break me

That I could do more than just be average

And that I could have a life outside of going to campus drunk

I felt like I didn't get anything out of it, like it was a waste of time

Using Lyrics About Graduation For Your Own Work

As mentioned, these lyrics about graduation are free to use for your own work. If you find lyrics that inspire you, feel free to edit them and make them your own. If you want to share your work with us, we would love to hear it!

Don't take these lyrics too seriously as they are, but you can definitely take inspiration from them and use them to create something beautiful!

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