How To Sample In FL Studio 21 (Producer Video Tutorial Included)

FL Studio 21 is a powerful tool that allows users to create music and soundscapes with ease.

One of the most popular features of the software is its ability to sample sounds from other sources, allowing users to create their own unique sounds.

In this article, we will discuss how to sample in FL Studio 21 and the various tools available for doing so.

How To Sample In FL Studio 21 (Producer Video Tutorial Included)

What Is Sampling And Why Do Producers Do It?

Not all producers do it, some actually see it as “cheating” but for many it is an art form and a skill that can be mastered.

To put it simply, sampling is the process of taking a sound or audio clip from another source (whether that be a song, movie audio or anything audible) and using it in your own project.

Sampling can be used to add texture and depth to a track, or even as the foundation for an entire song!

For example, one of my favorites – The World Is Yours by Nas – the foundation of the beat is sampled from the 1970s single, “I Love Music” by Ahmad Jamal Trio.

The producer, Pete Rock also sampled two other classics to make the hit song – and created a completed unique and genius sample from it – that's what you call keeping classics alive.

Sampling has been used by producers for decades, and it's an essential part of modern music production.

How To Sample In FL Studio

The Channel Sampler

The Channel Sampler is one of the most popular tools for sampling in FL Studio 21.

It's an integrated single-sample sampler instrument that's perfect for creating percussion and other one-shot sounds.

To load a sample into the Channel Sampler, simply drag and drop it from your computer into the sampler window. You can then edit the sample by adjusting its pitch, panning, volume, envelope settings, and more.


Edison is another powerful tool for sampling in FL Studio 21.

It allows you to record external sounds from microphones or other sources directly into your project.

You can also use Edison to manipulate samples by cutting them up into smaller pieces or adding effects such as reverb or distortion.

Once you've edited your sample, you can drag it onto a channel in FL Studio 21 where it will be automatically loaded into the sampler instrument ready for playback.

DirectWave Sampler Instrument

The DirectWave Sampler Instrument is another great tool for sampling in FL Studio 21.

It allows you to load samples directly from your computer or from within FL Studio itself via its browser window.

To load a sample into DirectWave simply drag it onto one of its zones or double click on a sample within its browser window.

You can then adjust parameters such as pitch, panning, volume and more before playing back your sample within FL Studio 21's mixer window.

File Search & Browser Settings

FL Studio 21 also includes an advanced file search & browser settings feature which makes finding samples much easier than ever before!

Simply press F10 on your keyboard to open up this page where you'll be able to quickly search through all of your files including those stored within the package contents folder under:

Finder > Applications > Image Line > FLStudio21 > Contents > MacOS.

Once you've found what you're looking for simply drag it onto one of your channels where it will be automatically loaded into either the Channel Sampler or DirectWave depending on which instrument you're using at that time!

Updating Your Installation

It's important to keep your version of FL Studio up-to-date so that you have access to all of its latest features and bug fixes!

On macOS systems updating an installation will delete any personal files (projects, samples etc.) left in the Package Contents folder under:

Finder > Applications > Image Line > FLStudio21 > Contents > MacOS,

so make sure that any important files are backed up before proceeding with updating!

The Mixdown…

Sampling is an essential part of modern music production and there are many tools available within FL Studio 21 that allow users to easily create their own unique sounds!

From loading samples directly from their computer via either The Channel Sampler or DirectWave instruments; recording external sounds with Edison; searching through their files with File Search & Browser Settings; right through updating their installation – there are plenty of options available when it comes to sampling in FL Studio 21!

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